SEO is a process, where we use it for improvising and promoting a website, that can eventually lead to gain extra customers visiting the site through search engines. It acts like the path to the site for the customer. SEO is all about prioritizing a site, which is relevant to the customers search, so that it can get the exact relevant data. So, here are some general things to know about search engine, that can enlighten your site.

How important is SEO for my website?
We all are familiar about how to promote our sites, and we follow them accordingly. But if the site is being referred by the Search Engine to the customer, then it’s going to add a lot more to it. So most importantly, SEO process is a boon for a site that is being referred by it. If a web site has a relevant data to the customers search, then this site will come alive and it will be on the list which is prepared by the search engine. Incase, your site is not being under search engine, then you are missing a huge opportunity via search. There are many companies that are succeeding in reaching above their standard with the help of SEO. Considering all this, its clear that SEO is important for a site like how human needs oxygen.

All About SEO

Is it possible for search engine to figure out my site if it is not popular?
Yes, its possible when the customer’s search is relevant to your site content. To be on the top list, the site has to be so perfect with its content because search engine technology can decide it when it checks your web page and also, the popularity of the site is also being considered by the search engine. When the SEO finds your site relevant and with , it can gain you a thousand of customers with ease. Whereas, if the SEO found any errors and misleading things on your site, then the site will be buried permanently and has a very less chance of being found again.

Is there a way to do SEO by myself?
Yes it is possible if you are familiar with the basics. Although it’s not as simple as it looks, because SEO world is very complex and needs a lot of effort to deal such things, but it’s possible because there is a lot of information waiting in the online, wanting to be learnt. By getting exemplary solutions and extraordinary content, there are chances that your site may be put on the top list via search. And there are many companies in market that practice this method to get their sites on the top list. So its on us whether we can do SEO by ourselves or by giving it to the companies who are experts in these things.

How does Search Engine operates?
Operation of search engines is very complex because they require complex coding, through this the Search engine’s automated robot which is also called “spider”, where this spider will crawl all over the web and it will collect the relevant data or pieces of information in the web and store them in their respective hard drive, so that, later it can recall if there are any queries. Search engines created many data centers all over the world, so that the search engine can determine things easily and efficiently. This way, search engines can look over billions of web pages in fractions of second.

What determines the importance of web page?
Popularity of the web page determines the importance. The more popular the website, the more information it contains. This is the logic that is followed by the Search Engines. This assumption can’t be right all the time, because relevance is also necessary. But search engines will be accurate in providing relevant information most of the time.

SEO sometimes can be a pain because it will not consider any error and ends the life of the site there itself by burying it in the underground. When SEO considers a site, which is both popular and relevant, there is the winner. Importantly, SEO is like a mentor to the web world and have to deal with it in the right way.

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