Have you ever felt like throwing your CPU or hitting it badly just because it is really slow to operate? Well, this happens with most of us. The laptops and computers tend to become slow despite having good configurations. Why this happens? This generally happens due to presence of malware, corrupted files, too much cache, less empty space and many such reasons. This problem is often seen in Windows systems and if you own a Windows PC/Laptop, you need to look for the solution i.e. right Windows Maintenance software.

Kerish Doctor 2016 Windows Maintenance Software

Reasons why Windows System Slows Down?

Here are some of the reasons why Windows System slows down more often:

  • Over heating is one of the most obvious reasons of slowing down of system.
  • There might be malware present in the system.
  • The system might be having the registry errors.
  • Too many shortcuts and invalid items.
  • Excess of cache stored in the system.
  • Too less empty space in the system.

Why there is a need for Windows Maintenance?

Windows OS is the backbone of your Laptop/PC. You need to maintain it regularly in order to run the software and applications properly on it. The regular maintenance of Windows system will ensure that your system works fabulously. The software tools & applications will run smoothly and your system will be protected from the threat of malware. Moreover, you will love to work on your Windows PC/Laptop.

There is a need to look for an all in one solution for Windows maintenance. Kerish Doctor is one of the leading Windows Maintenance tools that have been ruling since couple of years. It is back with the latest version for year 2016. Kerish Doctor 2016 version comes up with improved features and functionality. We will learn more about this tool in coming article.

Kerish Doctor Welcome

About Kerish Doctor

If you are looking for the best Windows Maintenance software then Kerish Doctor is the tool you must be eyeing at. It is capable enough to manage your computer’s health and prevent malware from harming your system. From cleaning, repairing, protection, optimization to monitoring the health of your system, Kerish Doctor never disappoints you. It is one of the most versatile solutions to boost your system speed.

Kerish Doctor Warning

It widens up the range of troubleshooting with its cleaning & optimization features. You are given total access to clean manage and clean the junk files found on your system through Kerish Doctor’s scan. It offers a pool of awesome features to enhance your Windows system performance in terms of speed, stability and operation.

Top Advantages of Using Kerish Doctor 2016 on your Windows System

Kerish Doctor 2016 is the ultimate solution for maintenance of your Windows system. Here are some of the genuine advantages provided by this tool to Windows users.

  • It works in real time without any user intervention. You just need to install the software and it will keep on scanning your system 24×7 throughout 365 days of the year.
  • Kerish Doctor 2016 uses the most advanced and unbreakable security algorithms to provide impeccable safety & reliability.
  • It makes use of the most promising unique technologies for cleaning of your system that cannot be found in any other competing software.
  • This software is updated regularly and the experts try to improve it with each update.
  • The user friendly interface of this tool makes it easier to use it.
  • It provides full set of tools needed for maintenance of your Windows system.

Kerish Doctor Maintenance Center

Kerish Doctor 2016 Maintenance Mode

Once you have decided to use this awesome tool for your Windows Maintenance then all you have to do its run a full system scan.

Kerish Doctor Maintenance Center 2

Once you click on ‘Full Scan’ option, you complete system will be analyzed by this software. The process is speedy as compared to any other software and it makes sure that every malware or junk data is detected. Once the scan is complete, you need to click ‘Next’.

Kerish Doctor Scanning PC

It will show you the list of detected problems. Now it is up to you what problems you elect to solve and which files you choose to delete. You can even choose to repair the infected files through the ‘Repair’ option.

Kerish Doctor Scan Result

Once you click on ‘Repair’ button, the problems will be fixed.

Kerish Doctor Fix problems

Top Features of Kerish Doctor 2016

  • Prevent Windows Crashes: The possibility of Windows crashes are reduced to 30 percent through its real-time detection feature.
  • Intelligent Error Correction: A regular diagnostics continues as you switch on your system. The intelligent fixes are provided to Windows Registry error.
  • Cleaning the Computer/Laptop: It successfully cleans the digital ‘trash’ of your computer. All the cache files of old applications, damaged shortcuts and junk files are cleaned off through its advanced intelligent cleaning algorithms.
  • Game Booster: The ‘Game Booster’ feature helps in the acceleration of games and in turn, enhances the performance of game.
  • Connection Speed Optimizes: It optimizes your internet connection speed through its advanced mechanisms so that the connection speed reaches to maximum.
  • Malware Protection: It protects the Windows from malware and unwanted programs that are not needed by the users.
  • Complete System Control: It can control your system from starting up to closing off. This minimizes the risk of any potential threat or attack to your system.

These features ensure that your Windows Computer/Laptop is optimized for good performance. The speed and stability of your system is optimized to next level by Kerish Doctor 2016 software.


The free trial version of Kerish Doctor 2016 is available on the official website. The users can go for premium version too. The minimal package starts at $19.95 per year and the software can be used in 3 PCs.

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Final Words

Overall, Kerish Doctor 2016 is awesome software that has been upgraded with unique feature sets through its experts. The software tends to provide the best maintenance to your Windows system protecting it from malware, crashes, and slowing down. This tool further optimizes the speed of your system to 50 percent and makes it easy to work on it. One must try this tool for once.