Kepard VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private a network over a public network. It enables the user to send and receive data or share a data in a secured network. VPNs usually increase privacy and security to the online connection on the network. To prevent disclosure of private information, it typically alloepws only authenticated remote access using protocols and encryption techniques. Initially, VPN was mainly used by corporations to access their company LAN and resources securely from anywhere in the world. However, with more and more countries filtering contents for the user, VPN is becoming a quite common term among the masses that were initially unaware of such networking concepts or primarily relied upon proxies for accessing certain websites or data.

Importance of VPN in Business Perspective

VPN are very important these days. In today’s era, almost 70% work is done through the internet, so we have to put our eyes on hackers or all suspicious activities which we perform online. If you use the Internet to conduct your business and financial transactions, then you need to use VPN software to protect your identity and save your personal and financial data.

We all know when a fresher enters into a market he/she has to face lots of troubles from the giants of the industry. Likewise, in the technology market, there is a newcomer arisen that is “Kepard” which is more promising, affordable and user-friendly in VPN arena.

Working Mechanism of Kepard VPN

Kepard secure access vpn

I am describing you – how Kepard is hiding or protecting your online activities. While you are online, this Kepard VPN covers all your online activities. Suppose you are in the US and surfing the internet. For a person, spying on your activities is easier in the same country. If you frequently alter your locations then it would be pretty much harder for anyone to trace your browsing data. It is not only about the US. It applies to each of the location of the world.

The kepard VPN allows you to virtually change your location. You are not going anywhere, but virtually you are accessing the Internet from the different locations. That is what the Kepard does for you.

Protocols that Kepard VPN Uses

The best part of it is Kepard VPN is totally updated. All the Internet protocols, Ip address do update frequently. Kepard VPN supports PPTP, L2TP, and open VPN protocols in UDP or TCP mode.

Server Locations and Speed Details

Kepard has servers in the best locations of the world. These are countries where people have become able to protect their online identity by using Kepard VPN. The names come as US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. It has 19 servers, and its response time, bandwidth, download, upload speed are better comparatively other VPN Software’s. Kepard is new in the market, but in a very short time it has a number of customers.

Security and Support Analysis Report

The Kepard is for Windows, Android for all platforms. Kepard is easy to use and easy to configure. Their VPN offers unlimited bandwidth on a very reliable and fast speed network. It’s beneficial for those who want speed high. I also find their customer support to be responsive compared to other providers. The software was very easy to use and quick one click connect did not require much effort, but we did get in contact with support for any quick basic questions and found the response time to be very fast.

They provide total privacy, they never keep personal information beyond your mail. The Kepard has a trustworthy encryption service. The service offers up to 256-bit encryption which is enough to provide a strong layer of security to its users. Kepard also keeps logs for 3 days in which it records IP address, session initiation, termination time, registered ID. This is all because of security purpose. After this, they are gone forever. The VPN headquarters of Kepard in situated in the Republic of Moldova, which is a non-EU country. This location makes it difficult for US authorities to get into your PC and surveillance all your browsed data and confidential information.

Which plan is suitable for me?

Kepard VPN offers 3 pricing levels for the users.

  • 1 monthsubscription for $7
  • 3 monthsubscription for $17 (coming to $5.7 per month)
  • 12 monthsubscription for $35 (coming to $2.9 per month.)

Kepard VPN also provides 1 free day of service test before you commit.

Supporting Devices

Kepard is very easy to install and use. You would find an easy manual guide  on their site for each of devices Kepard is available for. You can perform an easy install for iPhone, iPad, Android device, any PC or laptop. It supports almost all worlds well known operating systems:  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Symbian. Kepard also compatible for all browsers Mozilla Firefox,  Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Google Chromium, Opera and Safari

Final Words

Kepard VPN does a great job of providing privacy and security to its customers. It’s also providing the freedom to work online without sharing or losing your privacy over the internet. We recommend the service to budget-conscious users who want total freedom on the internet.

The summary is Kepard VPN is the amiable and effective customer service available around the clock 24*7. With a great response of customers as well as easy to use manual setup configurations for all platforms from Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. The software was very easy to use and quick one click connect did not require much effort, but we did get in contact with support for any quick basic questions and found the response time to be very fast. The kepard also keeps payment-options flexible for customers. Payment can be made using most major credit cards, and even with PayPal.

This software is an excellent choice for customers who are looking for excellent value in a VPN service, and those who want to protect their data.