Today people are aware of online earning. And putting efforts to earn as much as they can do. Definitely you’re among them or always want to be. If so, I am going to tell you the secret of making $1000 per month with TeslaThemes, which is almost impossible with any of the ad network. Those who are earning huge over internet are not only relying on advertisement. Most of the newbies on the internet only knows about Google AdSense, Media.Net, Bidvertiser or similar ad networks. But I am here to assure you about pretty good alternatives of these. No worries I am here to consult you about make money online without any hassle. Never think of it is impossible to earn enough, don’t keep fear about previous failures.

Let’s have new beginning with the affiliate marketing. Today millions of people know the secret of affiliate marketing and living their life like legend while earning form their home. The best thing is the affiliate program does not controlled by elements like CPC, CPM or impression. It really simple just find right audience, promote product, make sales and get commission. A simple four step process.

The best part of affiliate program is there no one in-between you and parent company. Just make the sales of appropriate products and get the involved commission.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

This is not going to tough for you to get sales if you’re promoting product at right place. As a blogger you can join the relevant affiliate programs according to your blog niche to boost your sales.

People who know the basics of business and promote right thing at place at time can earn for their living. As a blogger you should keep in mind promoting which is related to your blog content and audience. It will improve the chances of making sales without putting much efforts.

To generate sales you should search about the product quality and market demand. If the product is not standard and widely accepted then it’s definitely going to be difficult to make sales. When it comes to WordPress themes mostly people will recommend you Tesla Themes, which the most prominent and trusted one.

Tesla Themes always keep design clean, beautiful & light for performance and maximize user experience. I am sure by joining their affiliate program you can make money online by putting small efforts.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

By joining Tesla Themes affiliate program you have fair possibility of earning money through selling their WordPress themes.  The affiliate program offers you more 50 percent commission on each sale, the only thing you’ve to do refer themes through blog post, social media page or group. If you’ve have blog then why not joining this program right now to increase conversion rate and income.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Features

I believe you’re interested in this affiliate program. So before signing up, you must have look on program features.

  1. 50% commission for each sale.
  2. 15% commission from sales generated by referred users.
  3. Easy Sign Up process
  4. Real time affiliate sales stats
  5. Keywords for conversion rate testing on 2 different pages.
  6. Retaining cookies for 90 days.
  7. Complete toolkit for TeslaThemes Affiliate marketers (Including banners & links with their embed codes)
  8. Pay-out policy is fair enough. You can withdraw even $1 on monthly basis.
  9. You can take payment via PayPal.
  10. User can ask payment through Payoneer. In this case you’ve to send a personal request to TeslaThemes Support with your Payoneer ID.

TeslaThemes affiliate second tire

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Sign Up Process

It’s a potential affiliate and you can sign up the program easy steps.

Step 1 – Go to affiliate program page and click on Become a Member button

Step 2 – You’ll now navigate to Sign up Page. Just Sign up if already a member then login.

Step 3 – There is a universal login through Facebook. You can use this if don’t want to keep new details. Even you can sign up by entering asked details like email address, username, passwords and country. Finally click on Sign up button to complete sign up process.

Congrats, now you’re a TeslaThemes affiliate marketer. Now you can access the affiliate marketing toolkit after login to your account.

Tips to increase the TeslaThemes Affiliate Sales

After finishing the sign up process, you’re now eager to know – how should I start sales and increase revenue? The best way is to use affiliate toolkit and pick the right banner or link add on your blog.

We have few ideas for you –

1. Content writing

Successful affiliate marketers prefer quality content writing to place affiliate banner ads and links inside it. You can post it on your blog as well as do guest posting on high traffic websites.

2. Product Review

To get good conversion rate you should write reviews of Tesla Themes Premium WP Themes. You can pick the any of the theme from site.

3. Banner Ads

Placing the banner ads above the fold works well and increase the conversion rate. So you can put the banner in blog’s sidebar and start affiliate marketing right now.

4. Community Discussions

As I already told above marketing works at right place. So do enough research and join communities where people usually discussion and provide support for WordPress themes. There you can place your affiliate link of banner wisely to generate sales. You can start promoting on Google Plus Communities, Google Groups, Disqus Discussin Channel, Linkedin Group, Yahoo Answers etc.

5. Email Marketing

People read blogs and visit on social media on certain frequency. But they check their new emails up to 10 times daily. So using third party services like Mailchimp, Awber, GetResponse etc. can help to reach the large audience to increase sales.

6. Social Networks

Today promotion on social media sites like Facebook & Twitter is giving better response in comparison to CPC or CPM advertising. You can engage target audience using eye-catching banner with promotion links. This way you can get the desired response while using short urls with being noticed others.

Here under is the SIGN UP button. Join the program and Start generating revenue.

Start Earning 50% + 15% Commissions

Follow Terms & Condition

Like others, TeslaThemes affiliate program also have terms and conditions for Affiliate marketers.

  • No Commission from own purchases i.e. never use affiliate links to purchase themes for personal use or own TeslaThemes account.
  • Can’t use PPC advertising to affiliate links i.e. TeslaThemes will only pay pre-decided commissions
  • Not allowed to use Tesla Themes Brand name in domain name or PPC keywords i.e. never deceive users using blog name like TeslaThemes Blog etc.

Final Verdict

Those who wish to make money online have a decent opportunity on their doors. Like others you can also get handsome commission per sales from TeslaThemes. With right tactics one can easily generate money in few days. We’ve already gave few ideas for this. TeslaThemes Affiliate Program is good one, which can help you to earn money in real time with little involvement in online marketing. Hope our readers will definitely do their best with this affiliate program with torturing their brain.