The new iPhone 6 Plus looks more like a tablet than a phone, so experts have agreed to call it a “phablet”. This unique new category for gadgets is becoming incredibly popular, particularly since most smartphones don’t fit ordinary pockets anymore. There are so many interesting things you can do with the new iPhone 6 Plus; for example, you can hold it with two hands, change the screen to “landscape” and benefit from the most surreal gaming experience. That’s correct! The new iPhone 6 Plus is perfectly crafted for gaming.

Previous versions of the iPhone were made for one-hand use. Most games had to be played in portrait orientation for easy swapping right and left in famous games such as Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, and others. As for the iPhone 6 Plus, buyers should know that two hands are required for a perfect gaming experience. Some have complained that the device is too big; others on the other hand, are ecstatic that they can finally play more complex games on their iPhone.

iPhone 6 Plus – better than Sony Vista and Nintendo 3DS when it comes to gaming
According to some tech gurus, iPhone 6 Plus is a lot more comfortable to hold than handheld consoles such as Nintendo 3DS and Sony Vista. Apart from being lighter and made of softer materials, it features curved edges that make it fit perfectly in the hands of a gamer. Thanks to its edgy size, the new iPhone is a perfect device for non-casual gamers that don’t want to invest in an iPad to enjoy the newest RPGs from the App Store.

Leaving aside the iPhone 6’s obvious ergonomic advantages, the gaming experience is improved thanks to the quality of the screen and battery life. Let’s put it this way: the 1080 HD Retina display goes beyond everything you’ve seen in Sony Vista and 3DS. Casual gamers will be blown away by the device’s new framework that taps into the iPhone’s hardware and graphics. The particle effects and flashy shading will make gaming experiences exceed all expectations.

Extended battery life and improved technical spec
iPhone 6 Plus offers improved gaming experiences because it comes with a battery lifespan that surpasses its rival handheld consoles. With a Nintendo 3DS or a Sony Vista console, you can benefit from about 5 hours of continuous gameplay. The 6 Plus is a beast; it handles multiple hours-long gaming sessions and it supports a wealth of games that are graphically-intense. Unless you’re absolutely obsessed with Nintendo and Sony’s exclusive games, shifting your handheld gaming experiences onto the 6 Plus might be exactly what you need.

Fans in the Appleshpere will finally understand the great benefits of a larger iPhone. The 6 Plus’s advantages are vast and game developers are taking advantage of the fact that their tools now work on the iPhone pretty well. It will be interesting to see if gamers will want to pay for gaming experiences that mimic what they currently have on dedicated consoles.

Can iPhone 6 Plus replace handheld consoles completely?
Experts agree that Apple is not quite there yet. However, they might succeed in a few years. iPhone 6 Plus comes with enhanced graphics and better processors. The games look sharp and in-game leaps are almost immediate. Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 work flawlessly on the device. To make things more interesting, Apple recently launched Metal, an innovative toolkit for developers meant to bring improved graphics to iOS games. Should we expect even greater games for iPhone 6 Plus? Definitely! Now that the screen is bigger and the hardware has improved, it’s safe to assume that casual gamers may ditch their 3DS for a 6 Plus ‘phablet’.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Bike Games 365!