Till now you must have come across with the conflicts, fights, and similar aspects. However, these are damn professionals; they can do anything for their best outcome. At each time we have seen one bringing the best feature of the others, but in a fine tuned way. To be honest, so far maximum times Android has been seen in getting involved in such activities. Anyway, the upcoming iOS9 is going to be different from all; it’s going to be different in terms of tradition as well.

In fact, things have been seen to be changing from the Ios8. We can easily resemble many feature of it with that of Android Lollipop 5.0. But, the biggest encouraging part for both the manufacturers on this regard is that the fans don’t really mind it and have accepted it quite nicely. Believing the sources, following are the specs those Cupertino based iOS 9 is said to be bringing with its devices as of Android Lollipop 5.0. Have a look.

ios9 vs android lollipop

See what you want:
It was a day when Android used to take a thorough dig at Cupertino’s attempts regarding the notification patterns. Anyway, it has always taken thing to an envy making level. Perhaps that’s the reason the wind has changed its direction. Yes, there are certain parts, like with the upgrade bringing the header panel to the Phone app, where Ios9 wants to see similar with its devices. Through the spec people can now enjoy their games. It is for the extreme gaming bugs those don’t want to get disturbed while playing their games through any unwanted calls. There is the security panel and notification bar those makes a joint effort to bring you information in terms of their priority.

Get unnoticed for those who disturb:
Yes, we don’t deny that this is something the Cupertino users have seen already. Anyway, Apple wants to make it even better through the addition of concepts brought from Androids. Through the attempt you can now have better flexibility in terms of stopping someone to disturb you; like getting unnoticed by them, and others similar.

Get that goes on at the other side:
Android has been always a better performer when it comes about multitasking. With the concept from Android, now the Ios9 users can enjoy above the range of their frequently dealt applications. You can now have a look at each performances going on. You can deal with two different parts of an account at a time through this feature, which is quite interesting.

Improved interface, and performance:
Above all, Apple is quite aware of perfectly dealing with these features as well. It has no meaning when a feature doesn’t work well over a device. Hence, Is9 is reportedly taking dig at the other better performing Android powered devices to make their products superbly efficient as well.

Interface is quite another important aspect that Apple is quite curious this time. Reportedly, Cupertino is planning some new technologies for a better enhancement. Android 5.0 Lollipop has made a lot of buzz regarding its download ability. This is something Apple is taking close look as well.