This year, Apple’s most anticipated creation will be iPhone 6. Last year, the spotlight was on iOS 7 and hell yes, it brought a massive change in the UI and whole software update. No iOS looked the same compared to the latest one. It’s hard to say that Apple will bring a whole new update every year, so, possibly you’ll get an updated version of iOS 7 in this year. Apple hasn’t said anything about their future software or about their UI, but the rumors are going around that Apple might unveil iPhone 6 and Apple iOS 8 in this fall 2014.

Apple iOS 8 infinity new features

With a completely different outlook of iOS 7, it did include some of the features that we liked about; for instance, improved notification and control center, new multitasking feature with camera app update and Airdrop. But, there were lots of problems that we faced in iOS 7 and lots of bugs as well. As the Jailbreaking process is quite illegal right now, it only leaves us with the Apple’s update only. Apple will only fix its bugs, update what needs to change and optimize the overall performance until they’re satisfied with the users’ response. Until then, don’t expect a very big change on the next iOS.

Apple does an excellent job of keeping their devices updated all the time. However, when they released iOS 7 in the last year, we didn’t find iPhone 3 or 3GS getting the updates. The iOS 7 was integrated into iPhone 4 and later versions of the iDevices. Apple doesn’t choose their updateable devices randomly. Since iPhone 3 or 3GS had lower resources; Apple didn’t risk their chance to update them.

As part of our leaks and ongoing sources, we found out Apple iOS 8 will resemble its predecessor quite fully. But, it’ll integrate a lot of health and fitness features in its digestive system. So far what we’ve heard, Apple will bring an app called Healthbook which is the main key-points of Apple iOS 8. Let’s see what this Healthbook app and iPhone can get:

  • Burned Calories and Weight Loss
  • Measuring Blood pressure
  • Calculating Heart-Rate
  • Monitor Hydration and Potential Glucose levels
  • Steps were taken or Miles walked
  • Tracking Medications

It’s great to see Apple is trying to invent a whole new phenomenon that no platform has ever built on their OS. Since the release of wearable tech, Apple is rumored to be releasing iWatch. So, we can see the resemblance of iWatch, new iPhone 6 with many sensors and Apple iOS 8’s massive enclosure of health and fitness related gestures and settings.

iWatch concept fuse chicken

Apart from that Apple might also include other upgraded features like an improved version of mobile payment services. Apple will also improve their iOS’s personal assistant, Siri.

According to many sources, Apple iOS 8 and iPhone 6 might be unveiled in later this year on the Q4 of 2014. Some leaks are also suggesting that in lieu of iOS 8, Apple might be releasing an updated iOS 7, and name it iOS 7.2 with their new iPhone. We’ll be glued to every upcoming news and let you know the updates as well.