The Internet And Your Money


The internet technology and Wi-Fi can help you save money and it can help you spend it. No matter what you’re doing with your money online you can keep track of it with your smartphone, tablet, and even your computer.

Shopping online, banking online, and working online, they are all things that many people do on a daily basis. Here are some things your internet technology can do for you when it comes to money matters.

The Internet Technology for your Money

Internet and money

House Hunting And Financing

You don’t have to be sitting at a desk to look for a home to buy. Your favorite home hunting websites have apps available for your phones. Zillow and Trulia are a couple of the most popular places to house hunt, and you can use them on your phone.

You can also look into financing your home online, and through your phone. Get pre-approved, reach out to realtors via websites or text messaging, or even directly call them with one click from the ad you’re looking at for a home.

Banking Online

Your bank or credit union likely has an app available. You can use that app to not just keep track of the money in your checking and savings accounts, but you can also use it to transfer money between accounts and to deposit check (these days you can submit a check photo and don’t even need to visit the bank to make a deposit).

Banks and credit unions aren’t the only ways to bank these days. There are bitcoins and different payment sites that you can use to shop (Paypal being one of the most popular of these).

Getting Paid Online

Paypal, and other sites like it, have made it easier to get paid online, whether you work online or you are selling things online. Paypal even has a debit card so that you can have easy access to your money no matter where you are. The apps for your payment accounts online will help you keep track of deposit and sales.

Looking For Credit

You can use internet technology to find out what your credit is and to apply for credit. Sites like Credit Karma can send you updates via email and text whenever your credit score changes (and it can fluctuate constantly, especially if you’re shopping or apply for credit and loans).

As far as looking for credit cards and loans, you can search for articles that will help you find the best interest rates for your particular credit rating. A little research goes a long way and can help keep you from messing your credit up by applying for too many cards or loans in a short period of time.


If you do the crowdfunding thing you should definitely have the app for your chosen funding site on your phone. Not only will you get notified when your campaign makes money, but you can also get updates when there are new campaigns that may interest you.


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