Technology has become a very important part of our daily lives. Everywhere we are surrounded by technology, whether we talk about cyborgs or just our simple smartphone we use daily.

When it comes to entertainment, we choose to play different games or watch movies. But have we ever wondered what the technology behind them is?  Taking, for example, the Gametwist Casino. Have you ever wondered what the mechanism behind the Blackjack game is? Everything is based on a Random Number Generator.

Online Casinos vs Land Casinos

RNG Technologies

Card games are not the only ones that use these RNG technologies. Slots and other types of games use them too! And what’s really cool about this is that they can’t be tricked. The general idea is to maintain a “no logical pattern” so that the next card dealt or next slot spin to remain unpredictable. That’s the fun of the game, unpredictability! You never know when it’s going to happen and you win or lose.

Random Number Generator programs are quite hard to develop, everything will be based on a statistical probability. Those system used for casino games aren’t suited to cryptography because they tend to perform slower! The random number generator used by gambling sites are software programs.

Virtual Reality Technology

This is the most used type of technology in online casinos. What is being tested now are virtual reality helmets or goggles. These could provide the player with the real experience of playing in a casino. This technology is developing fast, but it will take many years until all online casinos will allow their players to use VR goggles. Also, this might only work then a player selects the live games, such as live blackjack or live roulette. This would be pretty much the only reason a gambler would want to feel like they’re in a real casino because they’re playing with an actual person.