Instagram Not Working on iPhone – Solved & Fixed

Today, it seems people can’t live without social media. So they quickly get frustrated when something does not work on their phones. Social media apps connect people across the globe. Not only that, but it’s an entertainment medium for millions. More than five hundred million people swipe up their phone screens daily and check fresh content on Instagram only.

We have already discussed the fixes for Instagram Reels not working. I believe you are reading this post because you want the answer to why Instagram is not working on my iPhone. Are you an iPad user? Don’t worry. The given solutions will help you fix the issue.

Instagram not working on iPhone

Why My Instagram Not Working on iPhone

Without checking your phone, nobody can tell you the exact reason why Instagram not working on iPhone or after upgrading to iOS 15. When you see the problem of Instagram not loading on iPhone, it may be due to software bugs, outdated cache, poor internet connection, or downtime. Most solutions can also fix other social media apps not working on iPhone. After reading this article, you can fix the problem – Instagram not working on iPhone.

You may face the following issues and others when Instagram not working on iPhone.

Let’s check out the top 8 solutions to fix the discussed issue.

Force Quit the Instagram App

The most simple solution is “force quit the app and reopen it,” when the Instagram app not working on iPhone. Then, it will reload the app feed to fetch the fresh content. Perhaps, temporary cache and technical glitches will resolve this way.

Swipe up from bottom to switch between running apps

  • You can swipe up from the bottom to the middle of your phone screen until you see the option to switch between apps.
  • Are you using an iPhone with a home button? Double-press the home button and switch between running apps.
  • Now scroll to the right, find the Instagram app, and force quit it.
  • You can swipe up the app to remove it from the list. It will force quit or close the app.
  • Reopen the app to check if your Instagram app works on your iPhone.

Switch to a Different Wi-Fi Connection

Social media won’t load due to poor or no internet connection.

Maybe your Wi-Fi connection is causing the error. That’s why you are facing Instagram not working on iPhone. You can switch to a different Wi-Fi connection to check the internet connectivity and speed.

Steps to switch between Wi-Fi networks

Swipe down to open control center and change Wi-Fi settings

  • Swipe down from the right side of your screen to open the control center.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi icon to turn off the Wi-Fi. It will turn gray.
  • Long-press the Wi-Fi icon to see the available Wi-Fi connections near you.
  • Switch to a different Wi-Fi network, and see if the problem resolves.


Change Wi-Fi settings on iPhone

  • Tap the Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Toggle off the button given next to the Wi-Fi option. The icon will turn gray.
  • Toggle on the button again. The icon will turn green.
  • Connect to your Wi-Fi or switch to another Wi-Fi network.
  • Perhaps, you will fix the internet connectivity and speed-related issues.

Switch to Cellular Data

Why won’t Instagram connect to the internet?

Instagram and other social media apps require high-speed internet connectivity to display content and play videos. Is Instagram not working on iPhone or iPad? You can switch to cellular data and check if Instagram content is loading without hassle or not. In the case of a Wi-Fi network issue, your Instagram app will work properly while using cellular data.

Steps to switch to cellular data

Swipe down to get cellular data option in control center

  • Swipe down the top-right corner of the screen.
  • The control center will open up.
  • Tap the cellular icon if it is gray.
  • Assure, it is showing in green color.


iPhone cellular data settings

  • Tap the Settings > Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the toggle button next to the Wi-Fi option if the switch is green. It will turn off the Wi-Fi network.
  • After that, go back to Settings.
  • Tap the Cellular icon.
  • Check if the cellular data is on or off. The green switch indicates that cellular data is on, and the gray one indicates off.
  • Make the toggle switch green to turn on cellular data on your iPhone.
  • After turning on the cellular data, you will see the letters 5G, 4G, LTE, etc., in the top-right corner of your phone screen.

Now, open the Instagram app and check if everything works fine. You don’t face any errors while scrolling your feed.

Update the Instagram app

An outdated social media app may not work due to bugs and other issues. You can update the Instagram app on your iPhone. The Instagram team regularly finds and updates the app to fix the most known bugs and performance-related issues.

Steps to check the available updates on your iPhone

  • Open the App Store
  • Tap the user icon in the top-right of the phone screen.
  • Scroll down to check the upcoming automatic updates.
  • Tap the Update button given next to the Instagram app icon.
  • Else, tap the Update All to update all apps.

iPhone's upcoming automatic updates

Reinstall the Instagram App

An outdated cache might corrupt the Instagram app on your iPhone. Unfortunately, there is no other way to flush the app cache on iOS. Therefore, you have to remove/delete the existing app and reinstall the Instagram app from App Store. Now, everything is like the first time. Most social media apps do not cause problems after reinstallation.

Deleting the app from your iPhone does not affect your Instagram account and its data. After reinstalling the app, log in with your credentials, and you can start using your profile and checking your feed for popular and fresh content on Instagram.

Steps to reinstall the Instagram app

  • Long-press the Instagram app icon.
  • Tap Remove App.
  • It will remove/delete the app and its cache from your iPhone.
  • Now, open App Store.
  • Search for the Instagram app.
  • Install the Instagram.
  • Open the app, and log in with your username and password.

Power Off Your iPhone

Still unable to fix the problem, power off and power on your iPhone. Sometimes restarting your device may fix the temporary issues of your social media apps. After that, they work perfectly like a charm.

Steps to power off your iPhone

  • Open Settings > General
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Tap the “Shut Down” button.
  • After a minute, press the power button until you see the Apple logo to start your iPhone.

Shut down iPhone


  • Press and hold one of the volume and power buttons simultaneously. (If your iPhone has a home button, long-press the power button.)
  • The option “slide to power off” will appear quickly.
  • Slide the on-screen power button to the right. Your iPhone will power off.
  • It’s better to wait for at least 1 minute to complete the shutdown.
  • Now, press the power button until you see the Apple logo.

Check the Instagram Downtime

Instagram won’t load on iPhone if servers are crashing and facing downtime. So that’s another reason – why is Instagram not working on iPhone. When servers go down, nobody can access content on the Instagram app. There are many services to check the downtime of social media servers. is one of these you can use. Most time, people start tweeting about Instagram downtime with the #instagramdown hashtag. In this case, you have nothing in your own hands to fix. Do other routine work and check the status after some time.

Update Your iPhone

An iOS bug might cause the error – Instagram not working on iPhone. Keep up to date your iOS to the latest version. It will not only fix bugs but also bring new features and improve your phone’s performance.

iPhone's software update available

Steps to update your iPhone

  • Tap the Settings > General > Software Update
  • The phone system will check for available updates.
  • You get the Download and Install option if an update is available.
  • Tap Download and Install. It will download and install the available update on your phone.

Final Words

I believe one of the possible fixes will work for you. And, you’ll fix the error “Instagram not working on iPhone.” But, do you know another fix for this error? Kindly don’t forget to share with our readers. Also, let us know if other social media apps not working on iPhone.

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