How Can Instagram Boost Your Website Sales?


Since its launch in the year 2010, Instagram has 400 million (and counting) active users. Become the 2nd highest network when it comes to engagement because 60% of users log in daily. Predictions are that its global mobile ad revenues will touch $2.81 billion by the year 2017. For a business owner such as you, Instagram has some amazing things to offer to help boost your website sales.

Instagram Can Boost Your Website Sales
Instagram Can Boost Your Website Sales

Grow Website Sales Using Instagram

Be responsive

Always use a responsive web design. Studies show that more than a third of users of Instagram have used their mobile devices to buy a product online. Which simply means that your website has to be mobile friendly too.

Boost brand engagement

Your website sales will go up when people engage with your brand and here again, Instagram scores very, very high. Instagram and brand engagement is:

  • 84 times higher than Twitter.
  • 10 times higher than Facebook.
  • Capable of generating a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21% which again is higher than Twitter and Facebook.

More importantly, almost half of this audience uses social media to do product research. So one of the easiest ways in which you can build a larger following is to be on Instagram and engage with the people out there.

Get specific

When posting content on Instagram, do a few things right. These few things are:

  • Add the right hashtag.
  • Get location details right.
  • Use original and fabulous images.
  • Use videos but know that photographs are stronger to engage with!

It is also vital for you to follow conversations around your account and keep talking to the people – not always to boost your website sales but to stay in their recall.

Reach new followers

There are a few easy things to do when it comes to finding and retaining new followers. On Instagram:

  • Shout Out – this is reported to create 56% more engagement.
  • Like the posts of your followers – it is such a simple and quick thing to do but users will love it when you like their post as well.

Design great contests and giveaways

Running contests is a great way to get people to visit your website, isn’t it? So get creative and put out some contests for people to take part in. A large number of people on Instagram follow brands and hope for interesting giveaways and the possibility of winning big in a contest.

Your Profile

As with any account on social media platform, your profile on Instagram should also be optimized to direct traffic to the website. This means:

  • Including a link that takes people to your website.
  • A visible and interesting call to action button.
  • A completed and consistent photograph and business name.
  • A hugely interesting Bio that will ensure that people are drawn to your profile.

Considering that almost 50% of brands have a presence on Instagram, there can be little doubt that it is a powerful tool to help boost your business. You only have to use all possible action points in order to make your presence felt on this platform.


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