The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus did bring in a much better battery than the previous models but not all people that use iOS8 have such devices. Battery life is important for every single user but many do not know much about how to increase it. This is where the tips below can help you. Use them in order to make the most of the battery when you use the mobile operating system.

Increase Battery Life When Using IOS 8

Secrets to increase battery life when using iOS 8

Identify What Drains Battery

There are so many apps that are almost always open on your device. When you visit the Settings menu, you can see most of them. It is important to figure out what apps are draining battery life. IOS 8 has a new feature that is called Battery Usage. Use it and then see what apps drain most of the battery. If you do not need them, you can remove them. Alternatively, simply turning them off can drastically increase battery life.

Background App Refresh Settings

Background App Refresh is automatically turned to ON by default when you install the mobile operating system. Tech Surprise highlights that because of this feature, apps will run in background and it will continually refresh as the device is connected to a cellular network or a WiFi network. That is definitely something that is useful for some apps that you want to often refresh, like Facebook. However, in various situations you do not want that to happen. If you want to save a lot of battery life in iOS 8, you can disable the feature from Settings – General.

Disable Notification Widgets

One of the most interesting features associated with iOS 8 is that it offers the possibility to get notifications in real time. The widgets are highly popular since they give access to updates about weather updates, sports scores and much more. The downside is that the widgets will often download data. This drains your battery life much faster than you would like. What you can do is select the widgets that are to be enabled. Just select them and click Edit.

Apps That Track Location

It is quite easy to see why apps that have location tracking are popular. You can get GPS directions and even recommendations that tell you about some great restaurants in the region. The problem with constant location monitoring is that it will drastically reduce battery life. Location Services can easily be turned off from Settings – Privacy. Alternatively, you can disable specific apps. The second option is definitely the one that is the best for most users.

Screen Brightness Settings

It is something that does seem obvious but there are many that do not know much about this. Your display will drain the battery faster than many other options that you have access to with iOS 8. Only set it to a brightness level that is necessary. Auto Brightness is the feature that drains the most and you can easily turn it off and then set the brightness level that you want.