How to Improve Customer Experience with Mobility Solutions?


OlaCabs, a popular travel app in India, set off its venture in 2010 as a mobile app for personal transportation, catering to only a few cities. In less than four years, it soon expanded to other cities, registering a customer base of more than 200,000. Do you know why? Read on for in this article we discuss how mobility solutions can be sued to improve your customer experience.

Mobility solutions

Today, Ola is not just an app to book cabs but boasts of a set of enticing features such as delivering groceries, food, free movie tickets to your doorsteps, or a free ride to a stadium for a match. It also has safety options such as SOS, and notably, a feature to rate-review the driver and the ride. This is the power of mobility solutions that organizations worldwide are incorporating into their business strategies.

People across the globe are leveraging the ease and convenience of mobile devices, be it to pay off bills or file an insurance claim. Business enterprises are in turn capitalizing on this disruptive technology to generate revenue and more importantly, enhance customer experience.

According to a recent survey by International Data Corporation (IDC), about 70 percent companies have launched at least one mobile application, with over a third introducing multiple mobile apps. Surveys also indicate that IT companies are on the thrust of allocating 25 percent of software budgets in mobile app development, deployment and management.

Mobility solutions – your way to stay connected with customers

A few years back, a company had to send a staff or hire an external company to go door-to-door/ malls-to-malls for feedback from customers or to conduct surveys on the company’s products and/or services. This, in turn, meant delayed the arrival of information to the manufacturer.

If a car manufacturer, for instance, receives information about a series of defects in their vehicles quite late, it can prove detrimental to the image of the company, thus bringing down its market value.

Mobility solutions will help them be in touch with their customers, constantly and directly. This helps companies to promptly respond to the data received and accordingly create new services for the customers. This new-age solution also facilitates quick and effective execution of complex processes and decreases delivery time. Additionally, this will enable the company to remain active in the market.

Take advantage of the multiple features for convenience

Internet and mobile devices have made day-to-day chores of customers a convenient and a hassle-free process. Mobile apps have made the process easier. And these apps are armed with manifold features that would otherwise require tedious, long hours and more labor power.

Drawing an example, ICICI’s eftCheque provides a comprehensive solution for all cheque-based transactions. Dispensing digital cheque to a desired mobile number, depositing scanned image of a physical cheque, tracking the status of a physical cheque are some of the convenient and secure mobility solutions that enhance overall customer experience.

Similarly, insurance companies too deploy mobility solutions for the benefit of both various policyholders and their agents. Submitting claims, clicking photos of the car accident with GPS coordinates are some of the mobility solutions that have taken the insurance world by storm. Cushman Insurance Group’s Auto Accident Help, for example, is packed with multiple features to help customers in the event of an accident. It automatically records the accident date, time and location; lets you photograph the damage as well as record audio description; helps gather information from passengers, drivers, police, and witnesses; generate a detailed accident report with appended photos, audio recordings and contact details and more.

Personal healthcare and other sectors too have tapped into this disruptive innovation to proffer numerous mobility solutions that will improve functionalities, augment customer experience and expand their model of business.


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