Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is already on board. What does it leave for the technology enthusiastic people? Well no, it doesn’t only leave the ambition to own a Note 4 but also the excitement about ‘hey what’s coming up next in the Galaxy Note 5 ?’ Yes, that’s what going on in the now. The Galaxy Note 5 is still in papers and minds, probably not for the research & development departments for Samsung but for general people, us, out here. Still the websites have started flooding out for the Note 5 assumptions and people actually love to compare their existing device to a device from future that doesn’t have any existence yet. Now, we are about to take a look at the comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

For any smartphone device, the display is a game changing factor. Especially for the Galaxy Note series because it’s got a bigger display alongside the ability to detect the S pen! The display is 5.7 inches on both Note 3 and Note 4; Samsung probably have kept it same because any phone above this dimension range would probably feel huge and inconvenient to work for people with smaller palm. Would it really count as a factor for Galaxy Note 5, though? Probably not because the Nexus 6 is already out with a 6 inch display that is huge! Assuming that 6 inch phones are soon going to be popular, and there is already the Sony Xperia Z1 Ultra; we would really love to assume that Samsung is about to scale up their display by few centimeters. It’s hard to grip and one handed operation; however, the phone would provide better surface for writing. That’s one major difference of Galaxy Note 5 over the Note 4.

S Pen
The S-Pen has remained almost similar since it’s been introduced. To bring some generation-based change to this digital pen, we expect Samsung to introduce some ‘Smart Erase’ sort of feature. The rear tip of the S-pen would contain an eraser to erase anything that’s been written using the same S-pen. This S-pen has never been seen with any of the earlier iterations of Galaxy Note devices; this would indeed be a tremendous improvement over the predecessors.

64 Bit Operation
Android Lollipop has brought some clever platform for 64 bit desktop like architecture. While this might not be much necessary for other device users; this could actually open up a new door for the Galaxy Note 5. Most people using the Note devices fall in the productive category hence they need the S-pen. Running heavy apps that require an architecture beyond 32-bit wasn’t possible till the present existing device but Note 5 will bring the new horizon here. We are really looking forward to the Note 5’s 64 bit operation and that’s probably the biggest improvement of Note 5 over Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is still a prophesized device than being a real or announced one. However, it will come to the spotlight as soon as more development is done and the release date closes by. By then, enjoy using the Note 4 and keep looking for the improvements you would love in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.