How to Use Technology to Improve Student Achievements?


The growth of technology has allowed anything possible in the modern era. The technology has influenced almost every field including education. The influence of technology in the education field is beyond measure. In the present day, various technologies are utilized to improve student achievements in schools, colleges, and universities.  A lot of studies have found that when executed right, the technology could bring in major gains in student success and make the better engagement. Teachers these days consider that technology enhances student engagement in the classroom that any other methods. Technology has efficiently incorporated into teaching and learning process at the moment. It is evidently having a positive impact on increasing student success through test scores and the gaining of new skills.

Improve Student Achievements

Improve student achievements
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Technology Literacy Along With Academic Success

Technologies have changed the world in which we live considerably. The growth of technology has allowed us to converse, learn, work and relate to one another in a different way. The utilization of technology in education gives students with technology literacy, knowledge, expertise, the ability for lifetime learning and other skills essential for modern era workplace. Technology-based skills, efficiency, proficiency, and knowledge are essential for the professional in the modern age workplace to excel in their work. The use of technology in education is stimulating today’s generation with a base of technology-based skills that suit within the bigger image of international competitiveness.

Different technologies

Different technologies bring in dissimilar kinds of content and serve diverse functions in the classroom. The use of technology helps the students to own a range of skills to communicate themselves effectively not only through paper and pencil but also by means of audio, video, animation, design software as well as a multitude of other new technologies. Technologies that are obtainable in classrooms these days vary from easy tool-based applications, for example, word processors to online materials, data, and documents, to computers, and television. In the modern day, students can make use of distance learning classrooms to accomplish their study needs. Students with disabilities and other fatal illness can make use of distance learning for better academic accomplishments. Mobile phones that a lot of students nowadays use can be exercised to learn.

Different Roles

Each technology plays a different role in students’ learning and in their academic success. Students can learn with the user computers. Tutors can use computers to teach students their study materials and assign assignments. Technology serves to enhance students’ necessary skills and knowledge. Technology can serve as a store to assist students to increase their advanced order thinking, creativity and research skills. The effective adaptation of technology into classroom teaching can and will bring about higher levels of student attainment. The impact of technology on student achievements include mastering fundamental skills, becoming expert users of technology, setting up students with 21st-century skills and inspiring students to higher levels of accomplishment.

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Positive Effect

A lot of teachers mention that technology incorporation in teaching and learning is having a powerful and positive effect on student achievements across all sections of students including school, college, and university students. Along with expanded access has come a growing pervasiveness of technology in society. For a generation of young people, technology, mainly the internet and computers, has supposed to an important bet in their social and educational lives. Today, more and more young people use the Internet and computers than textbooks. A lot of students say that they use the Internet, mobile phones, and computers at school. Nearly all students think that the Internet helps them do better in school since they can access to study materials anytime without the use of textbooks or library materials through the internet.

Technologies to Do Assignments

Obviously, students do their assignment with the use of technologies at the moment. The traditional forms of books and papers have become an old story and student’s uses technologies like computers and tablets to do their assignments. Students use the internet to get materials and information to do their assignment in the present day than the textbooks. Studies have shown that modern day students depend mainly on Internet sources for the projects and more and more students used to download study aides from the Internet. A good number of students exercise a home computer to do school assignments and they make use of instant messaging now and then to discuss homework, tests, or schoolwork with their classmates. All theses stand as a proof that young people are also taking the assistance of new and powerful technologies to improve their academic achievements.


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