How Do I Improve Slow Performance on Laptop?


Take longer to start up your aged laptop? Take more time to respond to open files, surf the internet and other tasks? Gets stuck due to slow performance? Is storage space getting smaller and smaller for no reason? If you are nodding in front of PC, you need to ask Tenorshare Windows Care Genius for help. That’s an all-in-one PC optimizer featured 22 powerful functions to keep your PC clean and completely improve slow performance on Samsung/HP/Dell/Lenovo/Acer. Click the download button below and install it on your PC, then you can boost performance for your computer with next steps.

Slow performance laptop

The Quickest Way to Speed up Slow Laptop Running Windows 10/8.1/8/7

In view of different customer demands, Windows Care Genius is equipped with alternative speedup features to boost slow laptop to the best performance. Next, I will show you the quickest solution to make it. If you want to maximize its performance on your PC, please move to the next part.

Step1. Run the program and click Checkup first. The program will automatically analyze your PC and rate its health status.

Fix 1 Slow Performance Laptop

Step2. After that, you can see the specific score ranging from 10 – 0 next to PC Health Index. All the potential risks and appeared problems that may slow down your computer are listed here clearly. Click Fix button to fix all problems once.

Fix 2 Slow Performance Laptop

Step3. This is an optional step – Switch on Clean up your computer regularly. The program can always regularly optimize your PC and keep your PC at the peak performance all the time. You are allowed to set up run type, day and time, which will be rather time-saving and efficient.

Fix 3 Slow Performance Laptop

Additional Ways to Optimize Laptop Performance Maximally

As I said before, not only can Windows Care Genius quickly fix problems to improve performance for your slow Windows laptop, but also enables you to make your computer run the fastest by further junk files cleanup. Now, do as follows.

1. Clean up invalid registry entries from your PC

Too much invalid registry entries, useless files, download history will definitely make your PC slower. System Cleaner allows you to remove junk files from your PC with one click.

Click System Cleaner in the interface > Select on Registry Cleaner on the left > Tap on Scan to detect registry entries > Click Clean to finish.

Fix 4 Slow Performance Laptop

2. Manage startup programs to boost accelerate its slow performance

Useless startup program also can get your laptop sluggish. Startup Manager serves you to shut down unnecessary startup programs and boost startup speed.

Click System Tuneup in the interface > Select Startup Manager > Disable useless programs by sliding

Fix 5 Slow Performance Laptop

Improving slow computer performance for Windows (Desktop/Laptop) can be easier as long as you pick up the best PC optimizer. Apart from performance optimization, it can help you monitor the active process to get a better experience at any time. If you have any problem, please leave it in the comment section.


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