How to Recover RAW Photos on USB Drive?


The Raw image file of a camera is actually a minimally processed data of the image sensor of devices like digital camera, motion picture film scanner, and image scanner. The name suggests that they are not yet processed, cannot be edited using a bitmap graphics editor, and even they cannot be printed.

The image is processed with a raw converter for the precise level of conversions so that they can be converted to the commonly used image formats like JPEG or TIFF, where they can be manipulated. In fact, they have the same roles as the negatives in film photography do.

The structure of the file generally has the formats like image metadata, image thumbnail, sensor image data and a short file header and others.

Digital Camera Recovery

Sometimes, the user might be in trouble with the raw drive of the USB external disc. The Raw file system and the property of the drive will display zero bytes when the situation is that you have the photos saved on the drive and neither have you deleted the files nor you have performed formatting on the drive, which could have made them inaccessible.

Reasons for RAW USB Drive

There is some error information, which is thrown in such cases of problems related to the raw drive, for which the need for the software to restore Raw photos arises. Some of the errors are as follows:

  • Formatting of the drive is needed before use
  • Non-availability of the chkdsk whether in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8
  • the disk in drive F is not formatted, do you want to format it now
  • It has a RAW file system
  • exe cannot be run
  • FAT 32 is raw as per chkdsk
  • Windows 7 has an erroneous unreadable, raw drive or empty drive

While using the USB external disk, USB smart media, USB memory card or other storage media, the situations like the following may be encountered.

  • The file system is displayed as “RAW”.
  • Invalid media type reading drive. Abort, Retry, Fail?
  • Windows showing “disk not formatted. Do you want to format now?”
  • A message like “Sector not found”
  • File names containing some “weird” characters.

All these errors arise due to the fact that the partition of the USB drive is either damaged or corrupt.

These kinds of errors will make the USB drive inaccessible and we cannot open such files like emails, documents, and photos due to this. The property of the drive will display a RAW status for the file system.

AAW drive or a RAW file system is not really a type of system but represents a problem associated with the drive, which stores the data.

A Windows or Mac system cannot recognize such a RAW drive. Therefore, the data inside the RAW drive cannot be accessible.

Method for RAW USB Drive Recovery

The most important factor for a RAW USB drive Recovery is not to take recourse to direct formatting, as this will actually cause overwrite or damage to the files on the USB drive.

This way, the chances of recovery of the files on the USB drive are minimized. Therefore, before the formatting of the USB drive is done, there must be some recovery options for the USB drive.

Reasons for Data Loss

The reasons due to such data loss are due to software crash, getting infected by a virus, shutting down unexpectedly or other reasons unknown from hardware RAID and storage media such as USB drive.

Steps on Photo Recovery

Some professional Photo Recovery software is available for the recovery of the photos due to deletion, format, and recovery of lost data, due to various reasons. This software is available for photo recovery, music recovery and video recovery as well as all other types of data recovery.

The steps to follow are:

  • Scanning the selected disk and then finding the files, that are to be targeted
  • The Previewing of all these recoverable files will allow the user to select only the files,
  • which are needed
  • Then we proceed with the Recovery option so that we can save the files, on a different drive, as we do not want the data to be overwritten
  • After the Recovery of the files is done from the RAW USB drive, then we can get the USB drive formatted and then the files that were recovered are brought back to the drive
  • The Recovery of the deleted files or the damaged Partition can also be done using such professional software

Some Safety Tips

The user must take care of the safety options like:

  • Any new data on this hard drive should not be stored because if the original data is overwritten by new data it can lose forever
  • No new data can be added to the USB drive before the Recovery software is used
  • The recovered data should not be saved in the same drive but must be kept in a safer place
  • The built-in format tool has to be used after the data gets recovered


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