How to Make A Smart Home – 3 Basic Features to Start Off With

With an overwhelming number of technological trends, getting a smart home seems to be all the rage lately. An ideal smart home should own all the necessary interconnected devices to provide time, money, and energy-saving at the same time! Although the concept has been present since the 90s, it is only in the present day that even middle-class homeowners can think about owning an affordable and functional smart home system.

If you are considering transforming your home into a smart one, then you might have the following questions: which elements of your home can be automated? How will a smart home benefit your lifestyle? What is the cost of building a smart home?

Ways to smarten up your home

Well, before you start rushing, why don’t you first try some of the basic ways to smarten up your home? We have picked three basic yet very interesting features for you to start with.

1. Making your home safe

First things first. Before putting in the smart amenities in your home, you need to ensure that it is completely safe. Your aim should be to get real-time alerts when things get awry while you are away.

Motion sensors – A certain change in movement inside your house while you are away would be detected, and you would be alarmed.

Smartphone integrations – To enable this feature, you need to integrate certain apps and software with your smartphone.

2. Regulating your house temperature

If you hate staying at home because it’s uncomfortable, then all you need is an automated cooling or heating device.

Smart blinds – At any time of the day, before you feel that the temperature is a bit uncomfortable, these smart shades will detect it faster than you. Based upon that automation, Remote motorized shades will open up or close down automatically, making your job easier.

Location triggers – If you want to come to a warm or a cool home while you are presently at work, then enable the location triggers, and the thermostat will regulate temperature. You can set your HV/AC or smart blinds to activate to cool or warm up your home when you are getting close to home.

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3. Alexa will turn off the lights for you

Are you too lazy to get out of bed just to turn off the lights? Well, with Alexa, you can do this with a simple voice command.

All you have to do is to get smart lighting that can be integrated with your home automation hub.

For this, you would need:

Smart lights – So that you can control it via your voice assistant.

Voice assistant – You have two options for this, either Amazon Echo or Google Home.
So these are some of the basic features to get started with when building your smart home. Apart from the features mentioned above, there are a ton of other hi-tech amenities you can implement to make your life luxurious and to keep your loved ones safe!
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  1. Vinay, you put forward an excellent point. It is surprising how the concept of Smart Homes has been present since the last century, but it is only now (almost 2 decades into the 21st century) that the average household has widely accepted it and its many benefits to inhabitants.

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