How to Lower Cell Phone Bill? Pay Only Average Cell Phone Bill

Nowadays almost every family is using two or three mobile phones and one phone among them is the smartphone for sure. You pay expensive cell phone bills each month when you carry a smartphone with you for calling, web browsing and entertainment.

There may be different reasons for expensive monthly cell phone bills for each of us. But if we arrange a little market research before purchasing a cell phone and opting for a carrier, then there are a number of ways to lower cell phone bills and save money.

For some people, it may a little and for rest, it may be a big saving. Tips given hereunder can make you able to keep your pocket full of money because you know how to reduce cell phone bill.

How to lower cell phone bill

Ways to Lower Cell Phone Bill

To reduce cell phone bills, you need to follow these tips – how I lower my cell phone bill every month.

1. Customize your plans and data usage

Every telecom company has a number of plans for calling and data. You should go through these very carefully and select one which is most appropriate as per your needs. Dual SIM phone users may use services from two different carriers to choose the best plans.

In case of voice or calling plans, you can select between per minute or per second plan. There are lots of other plans like student’s plans, family plans, etc. in different companies these are known differently. You may ask for help from customer care for more details.

Data plans are very costly especially 4G data plans. If you are not using the internet extensively then you can use 2G/3G rather than using 4G data plans. Like yours, my experience is that sites on the 4G data plan open faster. So different unwanted advertisements, popup nags, flash contents, automatic audio video play, etc. also open and downloads faster to consume data. If this case you can use ad block plugins and disable the flash player plugin in your mobile browser.

2. Use rate cutters for voice calls

Telecom companies have the option to add rate cutters for voice calls. By recharging from a small amount you can cut down bills for voice calls. Rate cutters are very useful for those who are busier on the phone. These rate cutters are available in different forms like – night pack, minute pack, monthly pack, etc. You can pick one of these when you like to talk with your friends and family.

3. Disable automatic updates of mobile apps

Smartphones are smarter and able to take automatic updates – system updates or application updates. This may increase your data usage and your recharge may exhaust before the expiry date. Therefore it is important to disable automatic updates on your smartphone. This way you can have control over the data limit.

Another option is to set a data limit and data limit exceed warning. It helps you to remind about data consumption. This helps me a lot and definitely works for you.

4. Recharge prepaid cell phones wisely

Yes, you can save money if you wisely recharge your prepaid cell phones. Various recharges are available which offer full or extra talk time. Telecom carriers offer such recharges. You can get more information about these recharges from customer care.

Some telecom operators provide an option to recharge different service packs form the main balance. Means, if you have thousand rupees in main balance then you can recharge data or SMS pack the same or below this value. For such a recharge company does not apply service tax twice. And you can save money easily.

If you recharge online or use third-party recharge apps, then you have the option to use discount coupon codes, you can find such coupons on discount sites.

5. Texting costs, use messaging apps

Apart from voice and data plans, texting also costs while we use a cell phone. The first way is to recharge and use SMS packs to reduce monthly phone bills. Telecom companies have a number of SMS packs to attract customers.

But if you are using a data plan then you can use messaging apps like WhatsApp etc. to message text, images, and videos. Few of such apps like Line have the feature of a voice call over the internet if both users have the same app installed on this device.

I believe these strategic tips will be helpful in reducing cell phone bills to save money.

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