How to Join a Class on Zoom Meeting on Desktop/Laptop?

Can you even imagine how time has changed? Earlier, your teachers told you not to use mobile phones and spend minimum time on screens, but now, virtual mode is the only platform where you can study and learn. As you all know, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, learning cannot stop. Many schools and educational institutions have started online classes to connect with students virtually through video conferencing, web conferencing, and screen sharing. Do you know how to join a class on Zoom? Let’s see!

Zoom client for meetings has become one of the most popular online study platforms for almost all teachers and children. Zoom is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and many more. Before we reach this point, we will discuss how to use Zoom. Let’s first understand what the Zoom meeting app is.

What is a Zoom Meeting App?

Zoom is a free video-conferencing, web-conferencing, webinar, and screen-sharing app that allows users to participate in video calls or host meetings.

In today’s world, most parents are still not tech-savvy. So, you might be wondering how to start with Zoom. We are providing you with a step-by-step process for using the Zoom meeting app on a desktop or laptop so that you can understand it easily.

How to join a class on zoom

Features of Zoom Meeting App

Easy to Join a meeting

Students can join meetings using the provided link and meeting code or enter a meeting ID and password.


Participants can chat on the Zoom app by clicking the chat option and can ask their queries through chat.

Disable video

As a participant, you can join the meeting with audio only and then turn on the video if the teacher asks. Teachers can also disable an individual participant’s video.

Nonverbal feedback

These little icons help students raise their hands if they have a question, give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, and even let the teacher know that they need a break.


Participants can mute or unmute themselves if asked by the teacher, and teachers can also mute or unmute them accordingly to maintain peace in the class.

Waiting rooms

It is like a lobby where participants wait after joining until the time the teacher admits them one by one in the class.

Participants limit

The free plans allow up to 100 participants with a duration of a 40-minute video call.

Easy access

You can access meetings through the Zoom phone app, web browser, or desktop app.

Unlimited meetings

1-to-1 Zoom meetings are unlimited.

How to Join a Class on Zoom?

How to use Zoom?

Hereunder is the step-by-step process of how to use the Zoom meeting app on a Desktop/Laptop:

Download the Zoom Client for Meetings

Before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer, you need to download the app “Zoom Client for Meetings,” as pre-downloading the app will save time. Always download the Zoom app from the official website

Download the Zoom client for meetings

Ways to Join a Class on Zoom

There are many ways to join a Zoom meeting.

Use the Zoom App on the Desktop

I have created this tutorial on macOS, but the process is almost the same on Windows OS.

1. Open the Zoom client to join a class on Zoom

– Click the “Join a Meeting” button on the screen.

Zoom - join a meeting

– You may “Sign In” (optional) into Zoom before clicking Join a meeting. Don’t worry. Your meeting will work without you signing in.

Sign Up

Before you become eligible to sign in, you must click the “sign up free” button on the official website. We recommend “signing up” with Google because most of us have a Google account today. It will help you sign in with a single click, and you don’t need to remember an extra email password for Zoom sign-in. Isn’t it great?

After completing the Sign-up process, you may sign in with your email and password or use social logins like Google and Facebook.

Zoom sign in options

Zoom Dashboard after sign-in

You can check the difference after completing the sign-up; you will get this Zoom dashboard.

Zoom join a class

Sign In Details to Join a Class on Zoom

– Your teacher will send you a join Zoom meeting invite using email, WhatsApp, or some other way, e.g.,

Join Zoom meeting invitation

2. Enter the Meeting ID or “join Zoom meeting” link as provided by your teacher.

3. Then enter your name (prefer using the student’s name).

Zoom join a meeting options

– I highly recommend entering the “Meeting ID” instead of a personal link name

4. You also have the option to disconnect audio and turn off video during the meeting. To connect audio and video during a meeting, untick the last two checkboxes.

5. The next nag screen will ask for a meeting passcode. Enter it and click the “Join” button.

6. Now, you will see the video preview before joining the Zoom meeting.

Zoom join with video

You have two options: “Join without Video” and “Join with Video.” Click on “Join with Video” to join a class on Zoom.

7. You may need to wait for the meeting host to allow you in the meeting.

Zoom meeting host

8. On the same screen, you see the button “Test Speaker and Microphone.”

9. After you click on the “Test Speaker and Microphone” button, the “Settings” nag will appear. Under the “Speaker” subheading, click the “Test Speaker” button to test built-in or custom speakers, and under the “Microphone” subheading, click the “Test Mic” button to test a built-in microphone or another.

Zoom test speaker and test microphone

If all settings are perfect, then you are ready to join the meeting. Otherwise, you may need the help of a technical expert. You can check different YouTube videos to fix such problems.

10. When the host (teacher) allows you to join a meeting, you will see the following nag screen. Just click on the button “Join with Computer Audio” to join a class on Zoom.

Zoom join with computer audio

11. After you join a class on Zoom, you need to know some important options given by Zoom clients for meetings.

Zoom important options for students

See, at the top of the screen, there is a running video of the student, or it may be of your teacher. You may toggle between the student and teacher screens.

In the left corner, you see two options: “Mute” and “Stop Video.” The “Mute” option will stop sending audio from your computer, and the “Stop Video” option will turn off the video. You may use them as per your requirements.

There is also a chat option for text conversion without interrupting the teacher and students.

You may record the class if the host (teacher) permits you. It is a perfect option to watch classroom activities later in time.

When class is over, you can click on the “Leave” button to leave the class.

Join Zoom Meeting Link

In your web browser, type in “” Then, enter the teacher’s MEETING ID (or Personal Link Name).

It will launch the already installed Zoom Client for meetings on your computer or smartphone. Otherwise, it will download the Zoom installer on your desktop. If so, you must install the Zoom client for meetings to join a meeting with your teacher.

Repeat the above steps to join a class on Zoom with or without sign-in.

I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you.

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Advantages of Using Zoom on Desktop

1. Big screen size

The first and foremost advantage of Zoom is better screen resolution, which means students can have better visibility and clarity of the topics and subject matter on a desktop computer or laptop.

2. Less strain on eyes

Zoom via desktop does not affect our eyes much because you can maintain a proper distance from the screen.

3. Support a variety of documents

The next advantage of using Zoom Client for meetings on the desktop is that you can enjoy a wide variety of features on your desktop instead of on your phone. Sometimes, a particular video or PPT is not supported on the phone, but it is supported on the desktop.

4. Less screen time

Another advantage of using the Zoom meeting app on a desktop is that children will only spend their screen time as needed for a class because they are not aware of the other features of the desktop, which will limit their screen time and not harm their eyesight.

5. More thumbnails

The last advantage of using the Zoom meeting app on a desktop is allowing up to 49 thumbnails at once in the gallery view.

Disadvantages of Using Zoom on Desktop

There are certain disadvantages also of using the Zoom app on a desktop:

1. Desktop or laptop is costly

It is not cost-effective or affordable, which means that many parents cannot afford a desktop or laptop due to its high price. So, they would opt for a mobile phone instead of a laptop or desktop.

2. Mobility matters

A desktop is not handy or portable. Imagine if you are out somewhere and, for some reason, you are late and cannot reach home on time for class. Then and there, you can join a meeting only through mobile devices like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone rather than a desktop.

3. Lack of rear camera

Another disadvantage of using the Zoom app on a desktop or laptop is that you cannot turn on the back camera. You have to study or teach in front camera mode every time.

4. Built-in Wi-Fi is required

Network issues are also one of the major drawbacks of using the Zoom app on the desktop. Many families might not have strong network connections or Wi-Fi, or people living in remote areas can also face the same problem because, without Wi-Fi, it is challenging to use Zoom on a desktop. Not every parent can afford Wi-Fi.

5. Compromised audio and video quality

Another disadvantage of using the Zoom app on a desktop or laptop is that not every laptop offers good voice quality or audio. You have to connect it to the external speakers and microphones, which is another problem as it might not be available in all families.

These were the advantages and disadvantages of using the Zoom meeting app on a desktop or laptop.

Co-author: Manpreet Kaur, BEd

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