How to Hire a Programmer for a Startup?

If you run an online business, you’ll eventually need a programmer. Finding the right programmer for your online business should not be tricky, even if you know nothing about code. However, because finding the right programmer is essential to your business’s success, we have come up with some tips how to hire a programmer for a startup.

Tips to Hire A Programmer

How to Hire a Programmer

1. Hire a Team Player, Not a Loner

One essential tip for hiring a great programmer for your online business is to hire a team player, not a loner. A loner could be very proficient at coding, but most unique products are built by a team of experienced programmers working together. Loners, especially star developers, may not only be more expensive, but what they would deliver would probably fall short of what would be provided by a team of programmers. The best choice is to hire a team player from the start.

2. Diligently Go Through Resumes

One of the ways you can ensure that you hire the right programmer for your online business is to review prospective programmers’ resumes and accomplishments profiles diligently and thoroughly. Also, check online portals like LinkedIn to see if the programmer has positive feedback for previous work. To hire the right programmer for your business, you need to take your time to make the best decision. Be diligent in the interview process to ensure you hire a professional who can easily accomplish your requirements. Once you’ve found someone who looks like a good fit, you can email them. You can also use an email finder tool to look for their email address and contact them about the opportunity.

3. Be Professional and Not Personal

When hiring the right programmer for your online business, you must be professional, not personal. Emphasize professional recommendations and referrals and pay little attention to personal recommendations. The guy with great reviews on LinkedIn would be a much better option than your next-door neighbor without a resume.

4. Try a New Developer with a Small Project at First

Sometimes, professional referrals can fall short of delivering the anticipated results. A programmer may receive several positive reviews on LinkedIn but may not be the best fit for your project. Trying each new developer with a small project for your online business is always advisable. This ensures you do not deliver the entire project to an incompetent person. A failure at that juncture can hurt your online business.

5. Advertise on Multiple Sites

When you seek programmers for your online business, advertise on multiple sites. Do not constrain yourself to just one site. Advertising on various sites aims to allow your job adverts to reach as many programmers as possible. The more developers you have to review, the greater the odds of you hiring someone suitable.

6. Hire Slow and Fire Fast

Programmers tend to work in a team. One rotten egg can spoil the work of the entire team. Take your time to hire your programmers, but be as fast as possible in firing anyone who is found wanting. An ineffective web developer can disrupt the team’s ability to keep to deadlines, making your online business suffer on critical projects.

7. Let Your Project’s Framework Determine the Programmer You Hire

A programming framework is a set of tools that makes it easier to write a particular code. There are several types of frameworks in the world of programming. Frameworks include Django and CakePHP, among others. If your project’s framework needs Django, hire a Django programmer. If your project’s framework needs Cake PHP, hire a CakePHP programmer. This will lead to better results.

8. Look for Creativity and Problem-Solving Abilities

One way to ensure you hire the right programmer for a specific project is to be on the lookout for creativity and problem-solving capacity. There is a great way to test a programmer’s creativity and problem-solving abilities. One such way is to give the programmer a problem and let it via whatever programming language he or they would showcase their approach to issues and how they create solutions.

9. Prioritize Dedication Over Experience

Experience is desirable, but when faced with the odds of choosing between dedication and expertise, a dedicated, inexperienced developer is better than a lazy but experienced developer. This is because your programmer must be willing to stay focused, pay attention to detail, and work within deadlines. Sometimes, a programmer may have a wealth of experience simply because he was privileged to have had several jobs in the past. However, the zeal with which they worked in times past might have been lost. If you are ever faced with this choice, go with a programmer with less experience but more dedication.

10. Look for Programmers in their Natural Habitat

Looking for developers on Facebook and Twitter is like looking for a tiger in the middle of the ocean. This may yield poor results. You are likely going to end up with pretenders and wannabes. The best way to look for programmers for your online business is to search at Hackathons, an event where programmers collaborate to develop new software. Hackathons are usually narrowed to specific fields, and it is ideal for you to target one that suits your online business the most.


Programmers are very fundamental to the success of an online business. However, now that programming is lucrative, several self-acclaimed programmers out there will only waste your time and resources and mess up your projects in the long run. Remember the ten tips above and trust your instinct to hire the right programmer for your online business. If a project doesn’t seem to be working out, it’s better to end it sooner rather than later.

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