How to Create Banner Ads in 7 Steps?

Creating best banner ads that will wow the internet user is not as easy as many might think. There are a lot of websites that have often said how easy and simple it is to create banner ads.

They tell you it is a useful tool that does not require a huge advertising budget. There is some truth to the budget part, but unless you have some marketing skills, there are ways to turn your work into an unsuccessful ad versus one that truly pays off.

You don’t know how to create banner ads. Hereunder, read 7 tips to create a banner ad campaign.

How to Create Banner Ads?

How to Create Banner Ads?

The seven tips outlined are the information to be discussed as tips to create a banner ad campaign.

Ad Rotation

Ad rotation is essential if you want to keep your target audience interested. If you continue using the same ad, one that is working it will eventually stop working because everyone will have seen it. Likewise, if you use an advertisement that is not working, it will be ignored. It is why boring ads must be creative, and they must be rotated to ensure that your target audience is seeing something as if it were new.


A significant part of banner ads is making your brand known, but also making sure it is worth remembering. An advertisement with creativity that is also rotated with several other ads of similar creativity will keep the person looking at your commercial and clicking back to your site. It also ensures that new people will want to click through as well.


Any banner ad has to be noticed. You do not want to cover the entire page with the banner ad, as this can incite bad feelings. However, you want an ad that will be noticed because it is worth seeing. It goes back to the creativity, rotation, and now add in the proper size. A banner ad should be displayed with enough size for the person to read what it says without being overbearing or too small.

Marketers Test

After you have create a banner ad that you feel tells your information, you still need to have it checked against your public. A marketers test tells you if the design, words, font, and images are going to catch the attention of anyone seeing it.


It is more of the developing side than perhaps some of the others, but the other tips are just as crucial in deciding how to create banner ads to see. Here you want to create a statement that makes the person want to click on the hyperlink you have supplied. You need to make it strong, and all too often, most have weak calls to action. Again this is where a marketing test can come in handy.

Sell the Click

The focus is usually on trying to sell the product or service you have, but actually, your development of the ad needs to be selling the click and not the product or service. It is why the call-to-action and the words you use have to matter. They need to convince the reader that there is something worth clicking forβ€”it’s not always the product, but sometimes the free offering that gets the click.

Words Count

Banner writing is very important for effective banner ads. The words you use have to count. You only have a few words on an ad which is much different than an article, so you have to make every word worth the use.

Final Words

The above tips go hand in hand when creating banner ads. Some are more about the execution of the development of the advertisement, while others are specific to the design itself.

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