How to Create a Twitter Account on Your Android Phone or Tablet

Twitter is gaining popularity for the last few years. Generally, people use this platform to share their thoughts, participate in a debate, start a movement, etc. It gives users a forum to express their feelings, and companies are also using it to market their products or reach a larger audience. All thanks to technology, we can use different applications on different devices. But usually, the interface of the same application is different for other devices. If you have recently developed an interest to use this platform and wondering how to create a Twitter account on your Android phone or tablet, you have reached the right page.

Follow the step-by-step process given below to create a Twitter using your Android phone today.

How to create a Twitter account

How to Create a Twitter Account

Step 1 & 2: Download the Twitter App

In the Google Play Store, search for the Twitter app.

Download the Twitter app by click on ‘Install.’

Step 3: Install the Twitter App

After installation is finished, open the app.

Click on the Create account button to Sign up.

Step 4: Create Your Account

Enter your full name and phone number. You can click on the ‘use email instead’ option if you don’t want to use your mobile number.

Enter your Date of Birth and click Next.

Step 5: Customize Your Experience

A new page will open ‘Customize your experience.’ Here, you can disable this setting by unticking on the check box according to your preference. Click on the Next.

How to create a twitter account step 3 4 5

Step 6: Verify Account Details

On the next page, verify your account details and click on Sign Up.

Step 7: Account Verification

You will be asked to enter a verification code or OTP (One-time password) sent on your email or phone number to authenticate your account on the new page.

Enter the code and click next.

In case you didn’t receive the verification code, click on the ‘didn’t receive code’ text to resend the code to your email address or phone number.

Step 8: Choose A Strong Password

On the next page, enter an eight or more digits strong password for your Twitter account. Click next to finish signing up for Twitter account.

Twitter verify account details step 6 7 8

On the new page, you will find options to set up your Twitter account. You can opt to skip these steps, but it’s better to complete them now. If you have accidentally skipped a few steps or closed the Twitter app, you can still complete the set process for your account. We have added the steps later in the article.

How to Set up a Twitter Account

Step 9: Pick a Profile picture

Tap on the plus button of the camera to upload your profile picture.

You can select either the ‘Take photo’ option (to click a picture and upload it) or the ‘Choose existing photo’ option (to pick an already saved image from your phone gallery).

Move the photo and adjust your uploaded image on the circle and click on Apply to see the preview. Tap on the Next to move further.

Twitter pick a profile picture step 9

Step 10: Describe Yourself

You can enter a short bio about yourself or your brand and company in 160 characters on the new screen. Tap Next when done or Skip if you don’t want to enter the details now.

Write a Twitter bio step 10

Step 11: Sync Your Contacts

You can opt to sync your contacts to find your friends and family in the suggestion box on the new page. Follow the ones you know and click on the Next to move forward.

Twitter import contact step step 11

Step 12: Choose Languages

On the new page, select one or more languages you recognize or want to see posts in that language by tapping on the check box. You can choose multiple languages at a time. Tap on Next when done.

Step 13: Select A Few Interests

Here, you can select topics that interest you from different sections to personalize your Twitter experience. If you can’t find what interests you, you can search for it and add it to your interest. Tap the Next button to move ahead.

Twitter interest step 12 13

Step 14: Select A Few Followers

On the next page, you will get the suggestions to follow Twitter accounts based on your interests and location. Tap ‘follow’ to follow these accounts or profiles. Click on ‘Follow (no of pages you are following)’ to move forward.

Once done, you will enter your home page. But there are still some details missing in your Twitter profile. Follow these steps to complete your Twitter profile –

How to Complete Your Twitter Profile

On the Home Page, tap on the three bars visible on the top left corner and select the Profile option.

Tap on the edit profile option on the new page.

Step 15: Pick a Header Image

This is the background picture of your profile (visible behind your profile photo). Click on the plus (+) button to upload your header picture. You can select either the ‘Take photo’ option (click a picture and upload it) or the ‘Choose existing photo’ option (to pick an already saved image from your phone gallery).

Twitter complete your profile step 15

Step 16: Enter Your Location

Add your current location to get updates that are most relevant to your country or state.

Step 17: Enter Your Website

Add your personal or company website URL for your followers to get more information about you.

After all the details are complete, click on Save to update your Twitter profile.

Note – After setting up your Twitter account, you can click on the Edit Profile button to change other details on your Twitter account. It includes changing your name, bio and adding details like location or website. Plus, you can also change your DOB. But you can edit DOB only a few times, so make sure not to make too many errors.

How to Set Up A Twitter Account If Skipped Some Steps

Follow the step-by-step process to learn how to setup a Twitter account.

Step 1: Log in to Twitter Account

Log in to your Twitter account to enter the home page. (if you are logged out)

Step 2 & 3: Set Up Your Profile

Here, tap on the three bars visible on the top left corner and select the Profile option.

Tap on the Set up profile option on the new page.

Twitter set up profile step 2

Step 4: Pick A Profile Picture

Tap on the + button to upload an image for your Twitter account. You can move or zoom in/out the image as per your preference. Once done, click on apply to see the preview of the edited photo. Finally, click on Next to save the image.

Twitter set up profile picture step 4

Step 5: Pick A Header Image

Click on the plus button, repeat the steps (given for adding profile photo), and save your header image. Click the Next button.

Twitter header cover photo step 5

Step 6: Describe Yourself

Here, add a little detail about your brand, company, or yourself in 160 words. You can also add your website link in your bio. Click the Next button after adding your bio.

Twitter bio step 6

Step 7: Add Username

Add a username to your profile. You can also pick the suggested name by tapping on ‘show more.’ Click the Next button when done.

Step 8: Add Location

Here, you can add your current location to get updates relevant to your country or state. Click the Next button when done.

Twitter location and handle step 7 8

After adding the final details, click on ‘See Profile’ to check how your Twitter account looks.

Step 9: Update Your Website

You are on the profile page. Click on the Edit profile button.

Enter your website.

Twitter enter your website step 9

Tap the Save button to save your Twitter profile details.

How to Change Twitter Display of Your Account

Step 1: Open your Twitter home page.

Step 2: Tap on the three bars on the left corner of your screen. Select the Settings and Privacy option.

Step 3: Look for the General Settings. Tap on the ‘Display and Sound’ option.

There you get the option to turn on or off the Dark Mode.

You can also choose between the two Dark themes Dim and Lights, out.

Twitter change display for Android

Alternatively, you can tap on the Automatic option (with a bulb) on the bottom to enter the same.

Twitter dark mode bulb

You can review all the changes in the background that you made in the display settings. Tap the back button, and it will automatically save the display.

In our previous article, we have discussed how you can also sign up for Twitter from your desktop computer or laptop. You may read that article.

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