How to Bypass the Windows 10 Password by USB Recovery Disk and Windows Password Genius

Did you just try to start your Windows PC but it started acting up by not letting you get logged in through password Screen? If yes, then it’s time to learn how to bypass Windows 10 passwords. Whether you have forgotten your password, or you accidentally changed it; you can still get access to your Windows 10 PC by recovering the password. One way is to bypass the Windows 10 password through a very simple and convenient method.

First of all, try reinstalling your entire Windows and then resetting your Windows 10 password. This will lead to deleting your important data like files and photos, therefore this method is not highly recommended unless there is no other way out. Yet another way is to bypass the Windows 10 password through the USB recovery disk method, by following a series of simple and easy steps. The USB recovery disk method can be followed by using the iSunshare Windows Password genius. This software has been designed to let you bypass Windows 10 password screen easily without any hassle.

How to bypass Windows 10 password

How to bypass Windows 10 Password

By using Windows Password Genius you can change the password for all your Windows accounts. Either it’s the Windows local administrator or a domain administrator; you can change the password for any account you like. By using this amazing password recovery software, you can also create a brand new administrator account that doesn’t require a login. Moreover, you can also recover the Windows password for a local administrator or simply reset your Windows password safely.

Method 1: Using the USB Recovery Disk Method via Windows Password Genius to Reset Windows Password

1- Install the software

You have to start by downloading and installing this software on another Windows PC that doesn’t have this problem. Another way is to download its app on your Android phone. You can either buy this software application or try a free trial version by downloading the .exe file on your laptop/PC. After you are done installing the software app, now it’s time to launch the software on your laptop/PC.

2- Connect your USB device and Begin

After launching the app, you will see the main screen of the app on your PC. Here, you will find two options i.e. connecting the USB Device or a CD/DVD. Now, click on the option of USB Device. After you have attached the USB device, the software will start running.

3- Burn the USB Drive

Now, the burning process will start as you click on the “Begin Burning” option. Prefer to use the Us that is empty and doesn’t contain your crucial data. In a matter of a few seconds, the USB drive will be burnt and will be ready to boot the PC.

4- Reboot the PC

Now, it’s time to use the burnt USB drive to recover the password screen of the Windows PC in which you are unable to log in. reboot this Windows and then access the boot menu by pressing either F12 or F10 a few numbers of times. After going to the boot menu, you have to disable the fast BIOS mode in advanced options of the menu. Select the USB device you just inserted into your Windows pct., and you will see that the Windows will boot the Windows of iSunshare Windows Password Genius app. From here, you can choose to reset the Windows 10 password.

5- Reset password

There will be two options while resetting the password. You can either leave the password blank or reset it to a new password. After you have chosen one of the options, you can now finally reboot the PC. The PC will ask you to remove the USB and whether you wish to restart your Windows PC. Click on “Yes” after removing the USB.

Method 2: Recover your Windows administrator/user password using Windows Password Genius

After you are done making a recovery disk on USB and booting your computer using that USB drive, the Windows Installation drive will be detected and Scanned. Now, you have selected the user and then reset the password of that account. You can also add a new admin by selecting the option of Add User and then typing a password for it. Now, you have to reboot your PC. And then remove the recovery USB drive from it. It will lead to the booting of the installed OS.

These methods will work easily for your Windows 10 PC and are one of the most convenient methods to bypass Windows 10 passwords. By using the iSunshare Windows Password Genius application, you can surely bypass Windows 10 password in a few steps.

I hope this post- how to bypass Windows 10 password will be useful. Share your experience through comments.

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