The smartphones enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to know what can be possibly new in their pockets. Different sites have published different expectations and rumors on the upcoming Smartphone. Let’s take a look on hottest smartphone rumors.

In the beginning of new year. The last month of a year is the most crucial period of the year. This is because, the tech savvy people, especially the Smartphone fanatics await eagerly to know what new is coming their ways. They remain excited throughout this period with buzzing rumors of forthcoming editions of major Smartphone companies. There is an enormous thrill and craze for the next-generation gadgets.

Hottest Smartphone Rumors

Hottest Smartphone Rumors

Let’s check out some recent smartphone rumors on the upcoming versions of Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, etc. smart phones. Below mentioned are some of the buzzing topics on the groundbreaking features of the gen-next handsets.

1. iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is one of the toughest contenders for the next year best smart phones competition. It, of course, will be corroborated with hefty and revolutionary aspects. This time you will be able to produce your presentation slides in the most innovative way. The iPhone 7 is about to get launched with an integrated projector which gives you the competency to present presentation slides like never before. Its battery would be constructed with organic substances, which consequently will allow the phone to conserve more battery backup. Most importantly, iPhone7 will be unbreakable as it will be wrapped up with a Liquid Metal case. IT has a ‘protective mechanism’ which makes its display indestructible. It will be constructed with quad-core processor and will also serve 20-MP rear insight camera.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7

According to the report, released by Sam Mobile, this time the handset, Samsung Galaxy S7 will be come in three different editions. Only thing which will be uncommon in all three versions would be the processor. Basically Samsung is planning to serve its new Android Smartphone on the grounds of the demand of the different international markets.

The following are the specifications of all 3 versions:

  • First edition will be exclusively released for the users of Japan, Korea and Europe. This would be constructed with Eryngoes M1 processor.
  • Indian buyers can bag the second version of Samsung Galaxy S7, which will be powered by Exynos-7422 processor.
  • The US consumers would be offered the final edition of the Smartphone. This gadget would be assembled with Snapdragon 820.

3. LG G5

The recently published report reveals that LG G5 will be launched in the fourth quarter of the year 2015. LG is about to refresh its flagship by introducing Windows 10 version. Hence, the rumor says that the Korean-based company is about feature its very first device in the specified operating system. Therefore, here are the possible specifications of the expected gadget:

According to the buzzing smartphone rumors the impending device would be equipped with:

Display: 5.6 inch Trued IPS
Processor: Snapdragon 820 (1.8-GHz hex-core)
Battery: 4000 mash
Storage: 3GB RAM
Touch ID
Camera: 20-MP rear and front camera with 10-MP

Therefore, the Korean company has much more in its bag to serve its buyer. With the list of enormous number of specifications, LG G5 is coming with extraordinary features which may comprise of shock-proofing sensors, dust proofing competency, and extra spaces like technicalities like wireless charging and Retina eye scanner.

Indeed, you can count LG G5 as one of the strongest contender amongst the newbie versions of smart phones in the coming year, 2016. Although, there are lots more smart phones that are gearing up for getting launched in the coming year but the aforementioned editions are unbeatable.

The gadget will be too difficult to ever be crushed in the battle, as it has an excess of notable and celebrated components. Subsequently, we can securely say that the victor of the fight for the title of the best cell phone 2016 is iPhone 7.

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