How to Use Quillpad Input Tool on Blogs & Website: Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

In a series of Hindi Input Tools now I am introducing Quillpad Input Tool. If you are a fan of Quillpad then you’re most welcome to use this tool. A beginner can also test or use it on their blog because it is a really good tool for Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. People who love Quillpad Input Tool always visit Quillpad (site: and have to leave their own blog for Hindi or other Indic language typing. This widget has fast loading compare to other Input Tools. You must try it on your blog.

You may love to use Google Input Tools for Hindi language.

Hindi quillpad input tool

Quillpad is a powerful input method editor widely used by Yahoo, Indiatimes,, Hungama, etc. Now it is possible to integrate Quillpad to Blogger platform. It’s a blessing for those who love Quillpad.

Quillpad is an Indian Input Tool which is available online since 2006. Now Google Input Tool is its huge competitor but it has own online reputation. Hindi Typing is really easy. Method of typing is Phonetic.

quillpad for blogger

Quillpad Input Tool widget on your blog will let you type in following languages –
1. Hindi 2. Marathi 3. Gujarati

This widget can be installed in your blog’s sidebar or anywhere.

Steps to install Quillpad Input Tool

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard › Select Blog › Template › Edit HTML
2. Search for </body> tag in template coding
3. Now paste one of the following JavaScript just above </body> tag as per your choice.

For Hindi:

<script src='//'/>

For Marathi:

<script src='//'/>

For Gujarati:

<script src='//'/>

4. Save Blogger template
5. Now switch to the Layout section
6. Add an HTML/Javascript gadget here
7. Save the following code in this gadget.

<script src='' />
<script type="text/javascript">
<style type="text/css">
.slidingDiv {height:120px;background-color: #FFCC00;padding:10px;border-bottom:2px solid #000;}
.show_hide {display:none;}
#Quilltextarea1_powercell {display:none}
<a class="show_hide" title='Click to Write in Hindi'><img src='//' alt='Hindi Typing by Quillpad'/></a>
<div class="slidingDiv">
<textarea id="textarea1" quillpad="true" cols="70" rows="6"> </textarea>

8. Now drag this gadget below to existing Blog Posts gadget.
9. Save this new gadget Arrangement.

1. If you are already using the jQuery on your blog then please remove the line highlighted in red color.
2. Please change the title if you’re using Marathi or Gujarati script.

Now as you reload your blog homepage or post page you can see this gadget in action.

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