With a tough competition among smartphones accompanying different technologies, you cannot predict exactly what would be the next arrival. After Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, people look more towards the LG coming adventure. Therefore, people are curiously waiting for more rumors and market expectations regarding LG new and upcoming flagship G3.

Like other smartphone companies, LG is used to release yearly flagship phones, each one with more enhanced and some innovative features. Though specs and other insight details of LG G3 have been a mystery, some details are almost confirmed regarding G3 features in accordance with the previous flagship releases and market expectations etc.

High Expectation LG G3

i- High-Quality Display:

This is a fascinating feature; LG is going to offer in its upcoming version. Since LG has always followed a tradition to increase the screen size with every flagship release. Last year, the LG G2 came up with a 5.2-inch display, so LG G3 is highly expected to have 5.3-5.5 inch display. In fact a few days back, it was revealed on Twitter @evleaks that LG G3 will have a 2560*1440 2K display that is known as QHD display and will have more sleek bezels. With such a big screen and high-quality resolution, the LG can capture a wide market.

ii- Fingerprint Scanning Technology:

This time LG will indeed employ the famous Fingerprint sensor technology that is expected to be situated at the back of the phone.

iii- Water Resistant:

Although, water resistance technology is not something new and many of the smartphones, been equipped with this technology. But this year, LG has planned to incorporate this feature and G3 is expected to have water and dust resistance features. This makes G3 really more exciting and can make room for its market value.

iv- Snapdragon 805 Processor:

According to the much of heard rumors and expectations, this year LG will come up with the very fast quad-core processor that is Snapdragon 805 processor chip. This fastest and powerful processor chip, produced by Qualcomm, offers more memory and enhanced desktop-class graphics that is quite appropriate for games and other apps. With this fastest quad-core processor chip, the G3 will probably be catching high attention this time.

v- Other Specs:

Alongside the fastest processor chip, LG will introduce this new flagship device with other strong specs. Till now it has come into knowledge, the LG g3 will be equipped with:

– Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor chip
– 2 GB RAM
– 32 GB internal storage
– 13 MP camera
– Dual stereo speakers (that are expected to be located on the bottom or front side)

vi- Customized Software:

Though, there is not any confirmed news regarding the software of G3. But it is expected to have the more customized software. Through some of the resources, it is said to have that this time LG has more advanced personalization in software for more flexible and better user experience. Exactly the features and options cannot be told, but there will be features that sound like location reminders, traffic alerts, calendar organization, Google Now’s personal assistant, location-based recommendations etc. But LG is determined to come up with something beyond such features.

On the basis of the above information, we expect this would be a rocking year for LG with the launch of LG G3.