Google and Bing SEO Starter Guide for Newbies

Google SEO Vs. Bing SEO. Are you writing regularly useful articles, but your search engine presence is not that much good, i.e. you blog readers are very less from search engine results? Most of us want to earn money with the blog, and for that, you should have a high volume of traffic of blog readers. Then only advertising agencies will show interest in your blog. Have you thought about how known bloggers have a high amount of traffic and highest-earning from an advertisement? I am sure you want to make your blog visible in search engines and want to earn money from writing. For this, you had already followed those tricks that were available on the tech weblogs. What is a source of SEO gurus? They all want to give you very few tricks but not interested in telling you everything about SEO.

Google Search Engine Optimization Guide

If you want to know about how to do SEO for Google and Bing. Google has released a search engine optimization starter guide. In this article, I also have covered the Bing SEO guide. In the SEO starter guide Google in covering these topics: SEO Basics, Improving Site Structure, Optimizing Content, Dealing with crawlers, SEO for Mobile Phones, Promotions, and Analysis. I include the book index below:

Google Search Engine Optimization Guide Table of Contents

Download Google Search Engine Starter Guide Pdf

Download Bing Search Engine Starter Guide Pdf Part 1–NewFeaturesForWebmasters.pdf

Download Bing Search Engine Starter Guide Pdf Part 2

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