6 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Blog

Google’s click-through rate-based advertising network was once considered a staple for making money from a website or blog. However, over time, Google AdSense users became divided into two groups: those who continue to receive monthly payments from Google and those who are not so lucky. If you received a notification that your Google AdSense account has been temporarily disabled on more than three occasions, maybe it is time to move on. Instead of figuring out what went wrong or which rule from Google’s TOS your website misspelled, look at the best Google AdSense alternatives.

Best AdSense alternatives

Top 6 Google AdSense Alternatives

1. Media.Net

The result of the collaboration between the two biggest search engines on the web, Yahoo! and Bing, this platform beats AdSense on the basis that it allows publishers to customize their ad units for size, color, and shape so that they fit better into the website where they are published. Although the Yahoo Bing Network is not yet open for public sign-up, individual publishers may request an invitation if most of their website traffic comes from the US, Canada, and the UK.

2. Vibrant Media

Another platform that is easy to use if you are familiar with Kontera. Initially popular for its in-text ads, Vibrant Media has recently developed two types of ad formats that can bring extra revenue streams. These are the in-image ads, which integrate text ads within images, and display ads, which are based on a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) model.

3. AdSide Media

The banner ad format of this platform is strikingly similar to AdSense, with only one exception. Unlike Google’s network interface, it has a thumbnail on the left side of each ad row. If you zero in on the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom visitors, AdSide might be the right choice if your traffic comes from those locations.

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates could be your choice if your website covers the products that can be bought on Amazon. Although it is not a pay-per-click or CPM program, it pays a small commission for everything it sells from your links. Even if you do not recommend a product and it sells through your links, you are still entitled to a commission. The only downside is that unless you live in the US, they can only send you a check that might take weeks to reach your home address.

5. Infolinks

This pay-per-click advertising network makes you money by using specific keywords in your blog. Unlike a CPM program, this method can take a while before bringing you a regular income. Infolinks works in English, Spanish, French, and German websites, and it comes with an extended list of payment options, including PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check Western Union, ACH, and Payoneer.

6. Clicksor adBrite

This platform has become popular for its wide choice of different ad formats. The most popular two are the text ads, which remind many of Google AdSense ads, and in-text ads, which seem to look up to Kontera ads as role models. Clicksor pays out in net 15 days, and as long as your earnings exceed $50, you are entitled to choose between a check or PayPal payment.

Whichever ad network you choose, ensure your website has a great UX directly related to the number of clicks and your revenue. If the UX is defective, you will have fewer clicks, and the users will write off your page despite the potentially great content. A digital agency specializing in website design and optimization may provide valuable help in the transition to responsive design, ensuring that your site has excellent UX, regardless of the screen size of the visitor’s device.

20 thoughts on “6 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Blog”

  1. Great post. Google Adsense is the leading money making source for many bloggers. But they often ban their users for various reasons, which is a major headache for all bloggers.

    Infolinks is a great website that helps us to make handsome money. The best about this network is that we can place both Adsense and Infolinks Ads in same blog/website because Infolinks doesn’t interrupt Adsense laws. great article thanks..

  2. Avatar photo
    Sam Jackson

    have tried Google Adense several times with different websites, blogs and changing contents. All the time they have rejected without a reason. Looking at Google search I have tried alternatives which was mentioned in this post. No use, from Infolinks I just earned 6 cents after one month. Unless the ads displayed are very attractive and good, no body will click, Most of the times, infolinks popup ad, people cut them as it is disturbing.

    So finally it is very difficult to earn single cent through internet. All are cheating and bogus.

    1. Avatar photo
      Vinay Prajapati

      No, Many of us are earning. Quality content, website traffic and content distribution are keys to unlock money.

  3. Avatar photo
    Tim Martine

    Although Google adsense is one of the best program but it’s cpc is continuously degrading and that is somewhat disgruntled for me Hence I am looking for affiliate marketing which is far more better than that of adsense.

    1. Avatar photo
      Vinay Prajapati

      Yes, It is true. We should not depend on a particular. Always look for better options.

  4. Avatar photo
    Sachin Prajapati

    Hi Vinay!

    Here are the few other adsense alternatives that you can add in your article. Revenue Hits, Rev content, Adcash, HeroCPM, and PopCash. They can also help to earn good revenue.

    Btw, thanks for your article!

  5. Thanks for Sharing those alternatives of adsense ,I was always looking for an alternative of adsense as it is rejecting my approval , I will try these and except best results.

  6. Avatar photo
    Rakesh Kota

    How to put this code in a wordpress site , Can I Place it in Widgets or should I Place it in on in the body of the page

  7. Thanks For the great information on Adsense Alternatives. I am using Bidcrux Ads advertising network. Which is new but has great features.
    I am getting paid each month. Thank you once again.

  8. Thank you for sharing a excellent article. you have explored research base ingredient. The future of Google AdSense may be remain same because there is no better competitor on PPC. there are are alternative of PPC ads but they are not better compared with Google Adsense. Millions of blogs and websites have been relying on Google Adsense and only few publishers are enjoying on other alternative. it’s trustworthiness and honest is really nice, so that almost ads publishers want to be a active members of Adsense and earn money from adsense

  9. Really nice article! Very insightful! Another great Google AdSense alternative is Setupad. At first, you can run a test, and then Setupad team helps you to compare results. They guarantee a 30% increase if you are only using AdSense.

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