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As one of the most popular blogging systems, WordPress has been successfully used by millions of bloggers residing in different parts of the globe. Backed by a seamless plug-in architecture, WordPress has been utilized for developing applications that can run on a variety of mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, BlackBerry etc. Today, in this blog, I’ll be offering you a bulk of information on how you can get started with using WordPress on your iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.

WordPress iOS device

Reasons: Why People Choosing WordPress

What’s the reason behind a rapid growth in the population of WordPress users accessing WordPress apps via their iOS devices?

Before I proceed to the topic on how to get started with WordPress on your iOS devices, let me make you familiar with the reason that supports WordPress app access via iPhones and iPads. It is interesting to note that nearly 31% of the global WordPress users prefer accessing WordPress powered applications via their iPhones and iPads. Well, the reason behind this is the growing usage of mobile devices. You can easily find people using their smartphones for accessing the internet. The flexibility available with mobile internet makes it convenient for the users to visit multiple websites while on a move. Since iOS is a visually appealing operating system, a majority of WordPress users have started accessing their WordPress blogs/websites via their iOS devices including iPhones and iPads. The excellent themes included within the WordPress websites/web apps make them a perfect match for the iOS-enabled smartphones and tablets. Also, the brilliant collaboration of touch keyboard and formatting buttons of the WordPress app makes it easier for the WordPress user to browse his/her site in a hassle-free manner. The touch-friendly interface of iOS suits WordPress apps perfectly.

Installing WordPress app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Once you’re done with the installation of WordPress app on your iOS device, sign on the WordPress site using your registered username and password. On logging in, the app will get connected to the WordPress site and you’ll be able to access it via your mobile device. The simple UI (User Interface) of WordPress app has a menu towards the right side from where you can gain access to different sections within the site. You’ll be able to write/edit/delete posts and pages in addition to managing the comments posted for different blog posts etc. The “Settings” button will aid you in configuring different options for using the app whereas the “Photo” button will allow you to take photos and upload them from your device.

Creating posts using the installed WordPress App

You can find an “ADD” icon next to the posts displayed in the WordPress app. On clicking this icon, a keyboard interface will open which will allow you to type in text for your blog posts. You’ll also be able to do all the basic formatting, link placements, photo uploading etc. using the attachment icon. Each blog post will have a “Settings” button, which will let you set a visibility status etc. for the respective blog. On iOS operating system, you can avail the flexibility of writing and editing posts, keeping in mind the spelling and grammatical issues. In addition to this, you can even create links for important text within your blog posts. While writing a blog post, you may choose to rotate the screen for an automatic adjustment of the screen as per your comfort level.

Managing comments on different blog posts

There are situations when even the very authentic and relevant blog posts can be scammed. In order to prevent from WordPress blog from being spammed, it is mandatory to choose a comment management system, which will ensure that only the best comments are displayed for your blog posts. While accessing your WordPress blog via an iOS device, you can avail complete flexibility of moderating the comments posted by different users, both registered as well as the guest visitors. In addition to taking complete advantage of managing the blog comments, you can even choose to be a crucial component of all the discussions that are being held on your WordPress blog.

Summing Up

Operating your WordPress site/app on iOS definitely sounds convenience and fun. Make sure to keep all the above-mentioned pointers in mind while working with WordPress on your iPhones/iPod Touch and iPads. You’ll get added advantages of both iOS and WordPress, thereby helping you grow your passion for blogging with the utmost amount of convenience.

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