How to Get Twitter Followers in 6 Steps?

Getting Twitter followers is hard for anyone that’s just starting. It’s even harder for businesses to acquire followers, as individuals are naturally tuned to avoid any channels that will expose them to marketing messages. However, you can still effectively build your following with the tips covered here.

How to get twitter followers

6 Steps to Get Twitter Followers

Follow other users

It is one of the first steps you should take as you look to build your follower base. You can start by following people who are already on your business email list. Next, follow people in professional affiliations you are part of. Another tip is to follow users who are already following your competition. However, you need to be aware of excessive “mass following.” The average Twitter user will take a look at your follower to follow ratio before following you. Excessive follow sprees will only make your business appear desperate.


Retweeting tweets from people relevant to your target audience and engaging in relevant conversations is also an excellent way to build your following.

Find a sweet spot

To successfully build a strong Twitter following for your business, you need to be consistent with your posting. For one thing- avoid overdoing things. Two of the worst mistakes you can make while building your follower base are not posting enough and posting too often. If you post once in a week, your followers will forget about you naturally, and some will unfollow you. But posting indiscriminately every few minutes will also lead to losing your followers. Here is more on the best times to tweet.

Link your accounts

You can generate more followers by linking your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to Twitter. Don’t forget to add the username of your Twitter account to your email signature, business cards, letterheads, etc.

Only post quality content

Bear in mind that on Twitter, you only have a few seconds to get your message across. It means you must only post valuable bits of information. Even when you are sharing links to your content, you need to make sure the tweet is worded correctly, or it will likely be ignored. In some cases, you may be unfollowed by users. Here is another guide, this time on writing high impact tweets.

Give away products

It is an age-old trick for raising your number of followers. The average web user will be attracted to offers, sales, and discounts. Leverage on this to not just build your twitter following, but to increase traffic to your website too.

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