How to Get 1000 Real Instagram Followers?


Do you dream of being Instagram glitterati? With all the filtered photos competing for space on Instagram, it is a bit difficult to become famous on this social network. However, if you are looking to do some social media marketing, you cannot afford to ignore Instagram. This is the time when you should look for real Instagram followers. This network is known for more engaged participation and a younger audience.

The average Instagram user is between 14-24 years. This demographic segment gets excited very fast and loses interest just as quickly. If you are interested in getting thousands of likes and flowers from this base, your content has to be engaging and constant lest you become an overnight sensation. How can you do it?

Real Instagram followers

Tips to grow Instagram Followers


# Great Content

Put content that gets attention out there. Instagram is more of a visual platform so get your camera clicking on what you want to promote on Instagram. If it is you, get seen with a celebrity even at the danger of being labeled a groupie.

Go to exciting places and tell your fans about it. With more Instagram followers, the more the better, so post as much as you can but avoid looking narcissist.

# Double tap

Many Instagram users will like being appreciated. Take time to double tap and make a comment. This might prompt the user to check you up and double tap in return. Users will consider you a friend after 2 or 3 likes. With this method, you could be getting like 20 or more Instagram followers per day.

# Tools

There are very good tools to analyze how well you are doing on Instagram. Get a follower and liker service like Instamacro and Gramista, which will tell you who likes your posts and those you are following and following back and many more trends.

# Cross share

This means posting on Instagram and appearing on Facebook and Twitter. This will help you capture your base on the other social networks. Cross sharing works wonders as those who like your posts will eventually get on Instagram and follow you from there. It means more chance to grow Instagram followers.

# Follow celebrities

Get followed by a celebrity and you will be surprised at how many fans will have faith in you. It might not be easy but with constantly liking their posts and making loads of a faithful follower’s comments, they might feel obliged to follow you in return. This is an open endorsement and if you couple it with a picture together, you are good to go.

# Guru

Appear to be the wise one on a topic and you will get many followers of the topic. This works well especially for personal products like skin creams, which you can easily show off by posting great looking skin. Post and post and soon you will be considered an expert.

# The Crowd

Do not forget the flow with the crowd. If there is a hot trend, jump on it and run with it and engage those interested in it. This way Instagram followers of others will love to follow you.


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