Gaming on Different Platforms must Change


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Back in the day I was a huge gamer. I had a “thing” for first-person shooter games ever since I first played Doom, I was a fanatic Quake player as well, and Half-Life was for me the pinnacle of gaming, the best FPS ever created. But since its launch games have changed a lot. Players can now engage in combat action on their mobile phones or portable consoles, not just their desktop ones. They can even play their favorite games remotely, letting the more powerful desktop device do the heavy lifting, and the PC or the phone acting as a remote screen and controller.

But online games are the ones that have evolved the most over time. I remember being shocked when I saw Quake III Arena running like a charm in a browser window. And there are many other games that do the same – a few of them I turn to once in a while. I have one major issue with these – they only run in a browser window. Today’s browser-based games are as visually appealing as their desktop counterparts were a few years ago, and what they lack in visuals they make up in feeling and entertainment. But they should come in desktop versions, too.

Thus gaming on different platforms must change today for both desktop version as well as online version. You’ll take the example of many sites available on internet. Read on and get more info about this.

Game developers should follow the example of the Canadian Red Flush Casino. This real money gaming portal has thousands of users from all over the world, thanks in part to the Red Flush Casino promotions and specials. But the main reason for Red Flush being popular is that it offers the same game-play and experience on all platforms – desktop, browser and mobile. Of course, its game variety is somewhat limited on mobile devices – not because of the laziness of its developers, but because mobile gaming is a much more recent phenomenon than real money gaming itself. The great thing about the Red Flush casino is that I can play my favorite game on desktop, and when I have to leave, I can take my phone out of my pocket and pick up where I left off.

I would love to see something similar with other game types, too. One of my favorite browser games is Contract Wars – a quick fix if I need some FPS action. It looks great in a browser window, but we all know what this means – it could look even better. Running on desktop it could use more resources, and use them better, offering a superior gaming experience to its players. And the developer should keep the browser version for playing when away from home.

There are many games that could benefit from a multi-platform update. Like MMORPGs that could offer a turn-based combat mode on mobile, with influence on the desktop character’s stats, or FPS games that could offer mobile side games for extra benefits or credits.

Game makers, stop focusing on one platform alone. We need games to serve us no matter which platform we use!


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