10 Best Game Micro Niche Blog Ideas

With the advancement of technology, many people have turned to social media as a primary means of increasing their social circle, and many have turned to blogs to expand their circle. With more and more bloggers every day, it has become difficult to become a successful blogger, but you can. Unfortunately, most beginners tend to search for a hot topic or other competitive ideas for their content, which is why they miserably fail. But, in the micro-niche blog case, you can get traffic, but they will have fewer hits on search engines. But if you don’t get any traffic on your blog, you should try working on increasing your sales.

What is A Micro Niche Blog?

A micro-niche blog is a small website with just a few pages, generally one to ten. It is called a niche since it focuses on a specific keyword. With loads of profitable ideas available, the micro-niche website is usually an exact match domain.

The best game micro niche blog ideas

Why Start A Micro Niche Blog?

Choosing the best micro niche for blogging to make money successfully is essential. You might even be scared that you may have to work every day and night to make it successful, but this will all be worth it once you get enough traffic from the search engines. If your content is based on a broad and standard niche, it won’t be easy to rank your articles on the search engine result pages, resulting in a longer duration before you start earning money.

Most aspiring bloggers usually select the most competitive niches, which makes it very tough for any blog to rank for the keyword in those niches, mainly with many authoritative blogs. Even if you dedicatedly work day and night to publish high-quality content and build backlinks, you may still be unable to outrank your competitors.

So, if you want to rank higher easily and earn money from your blog, micro-niche websites are the best choice.

It is a wiser choice to blog on a micro-niche as it generally ranks higher on the search engine results page since they are preferable to traditional authority blogs. Moreover, it is easy to rank various keywords quickly with the help of proper keyword research and backlink strategy.

It will also attract quality traffic more than the broad niche blogs, so it is much easier to monetize and earn good income even with low traffic conditions. So, in micro-niche, one will earn money in a much shorter period with less work than blogging based on broad niches.

How to Find Micro Niche Ideas?

You can use specific tools or methods to help you find micro-niche blog ideas. Here are three such tools/techniques.

Google Autocomplete

This is the easiest way to answer your questions and find micro niche blog ideas using Google Autocomplete (Google Autosuggest).


This is another excellent, free tool for generating micro-niche blog ideas. It also helps bloggers and marketers check which topic makes sense when users search.


This is another place where you can connect with millions of readers daily. All you need to do is create a free account in Quora.

Trending Micro Niche Blog Ideas

You can find a perfect niche to bring massive traffic and income. You may also generate revenue with low traffic if you can make specific conversions. Since millions of ideas are available, with many already working on them, you must be careful when choosing your micro-niche blog idea. Here are some trending micro-niche blog ideas with which you can make money even with an average amount of traffic like-

  1. Entertainment
  2. 3D printing
  3. Health
  4. Gaming
  5. Beauty
  6. Marketing
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Food
  9. Travel,
  10. Sports

The Gaming Niche

This is a good niche choice but tends to be very competitive. Here, the main focus will be creating YouTube videos where people can film themselves playing video games or try reviewing them. This won’t require much investment, and you don’t need to spend a long time playing games to write reviews. You can also hire gamers who love to play games and write about different games, or you can also try incorporating a business touch by writing about how you can earn by playing video games. All in all, it is a trendy niche in the present-day scenario of technological time. It is also playful and potentially lucrative, making it popular among the masses.

Here are the top 10 best game micro niche blog ideas:

  1. A walkthrough of complete gameplay/no commentary/blind run etc.
  2. Talking about game theories
  3. Giving reviews about the game
  4. The Loot Box Openings
  5. Player versus Player
  6. Montages
  7. The first impressions, like the first 60 minutes of the game
  8. Role Play
  9. Game tutorials
  10. Game in a Game

Just choosing a gaming niche won’t necessarily make you successful. Since the gaming niche is competitive, you must specify by selecting sub-niches. The gaming niche consists of various sub-niches, so try to choose one of those sub-niches and stick to it for the first few months, targeting your particular audience. Success does not come at a go. It would be best if you put a lot of effort into it.

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  2. There are lots of different gaming niches you can focus on. You just need to decide what your video game blog focus will be. Check out this for content ideas you can do for your blog.

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