You can be busy in a fun way when you aren’t doing anything else, all while spending your free time in more interesting way. Here are some fun apps for your iPhone or iPad for you to enjoy your free time.

Hair MakeOver Lite
Want to find out what’s the best hairstyle for you and your friends? With Hair MakeOver you can try out many different kinds of hair styles and haircuts in less than a minute using your iPhone. There are 32 hairstyles that you can try using this app.

Friends Around Me
Friends Around Me is a mobile app to interact with friends 24/7 across your favorite social networks. Plus, you can meet new people nearby or even across the world through an interactive location-based searching tool. This is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese languages, and best of all, it’s free.

Entertainment iPhone Apps

Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror is a versatile and FREE mirror application. Unlike other apps, this has no needless frames that reduce your viewing area. You can choose any background color for the optimum reflection, depending on your available lighting. This also functions as a flashlight.

Lie Detector Scan
Lie Detector Scan tells you if a person is lying by measuring the pulse and body heat from their fingers. You can have your friends or family simply put their fingers on the scanner and then ask away. When they let go, you’ll hear the systems voice give you the results. Unlike most lie detectors, the person being examined doesn’t even have to answer basic yes or no questions.

Age Calculator
Want to know how old you are? Surely you know already. But with this app you can calculate your age not only in years or months, but in days, hours, minutes, or even seconds if you like. It can also share with Facebook, Twitter or email the results so you can share these details with friends, family or the whole world.

Impossible might be one of the best fun apps in this list. You simply choose one out of 6 cards, and then the magician (inside the app) will read your mind. When you’re ready, the program removes your exact card from the stack.

This app makes hilarious pictures of your friends (or yourself) and puts them in unbelievable places. You can put them next to a charging bear, a friendly sumo, hot young friend, or wherever you want.

Put your iPhone in a horizontal position under the sunlight and place your finger near the center of the compass on the screen. A few more gestures and the compass will tell you exactly where north is.

Voice Changer Plus
Want to change your voice in a strange way? Voice Changer Plus lets you do exactly that. Just pick a voice, make a recording, and if you want to sound differently, just pick a voice and you will.

6501 Crazy Facts
6501 Crazy Facts actually has more than 6001 of the facts they’re talking about, from science to people, from weather to things you didn’t know about human body, there are random, fun, and bizarre facts all packed into this application. Even without an internet connection, you’ll always have these facts at your disposal.

Being busy in a fun way is the result of these and many more fun applications that help you pass your free time in different ways than normal. OK, now it’s time to get back to work!

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