What……! Was my response to my grandpa’s statement that it is not very far when we will witness physical objects transferring from one place to the other via cell phones. This is what he uttered after having a video call on it with one of my uncles living in Australia. Grandpa, it is impossible and never going to happen, I argued. My dear, same was my response when I heard that you can send text messages through your cell phones for the first time. How on earth this could happen, and this was not very far from now. Some ten to twelve years from now nobody could have believed that we can actually see each other live and talk at the same time on a hand held device on the move.

Later, he shared a video with me which explains in detail that how heavy duty machines have turned into smarter and delicate partners. It was 1983 when the first cell phone was commercialized. It had about 30 minutes of talk time and the standby time was about 8 hours. You could make a call and talk on a given number through it. There were no extra features associated with it. After nine years an incredible transit came along the way when people could actually send text messages to one another through their handheld devices. It became massive and the cellular phone industry got a glimpse of what its actual potential could be. The idea of staying connected on the move appealed most of the folks and cell phones became the ultimate desire of the mass community.

By 1996, cell phones were more revolutionized and now people could use internet on their portable devices. This enabled people to send and receive their emails on the move. It was great; however, it was just a beginning. Just after 4 years, cell phones turned into favorite music stores and one could play his/her most liked songs anywhere and at any time. People went crazy for devices through which they could stay in reach and they also carried music for them. It did not take much long to see the inbuilt cameras in these handsome devices. Not only that they enabled users to capture their precious memories on their phones but they could also share it easily with their friends through Bluetooth and infrared technology inclusion.

All of this was happening very fast and more and more masses were getting attracted to the use of cell phones. The real and tough competition to capture more market share was on. Companies harvested fortunes in order to create new and unique cellular devices with distinguished features so that they could capture more customers. The race is still on and we witness, every other quarter, which an astonishing and stunning feature has been added to an upcoming cellular phone now called smart phone.

These intelligently built devices now have taken over computers and laptops. We, today, prefer to use our smartphones instead of logging onto our laptops. They help us to complete our assignments quickly, stay connected and updated on social media, watch videos, play games over the internet, surf and find locations we want to visit, and much more. Yes, these are rightly called smartphones!