Fresh Store Builder Review: Create Your Own Amazon Affiliate Store

Amazon is one of the most popular stores around the globe. It just not deals in online shopping, but has few more products like powerful servers, ebooks, and much more. A vast majority of affiliate marketers have Amazon niche sites as one of the major sources of earnings. Fresh Store Builder (Visit site) is one of the most popular Amazon affiliate store creating a tool that can expand your sales and in turn, yield big profits. You can now own your store without worrying about any hassle. You also get a wealth of extra tools to help you create an awesome Amazon affiliate store. Let’s take a review of an excellent tool Fresh Store Builder to give a try.

What is the Fresh Store Builder?

Fresh Store Builder is handy software for all the affiliate marketers looking to create an Amazon niche website. It is a standalone tool. So, you need a domain name, and Fresh Store Builder will help you throughout the creation of your Store. The software is handsomely crafted to meet the needs of customers. It is the one-stop way for creating niche sites populated with Amazon products. The search engines love the Amazon affiliate store created by FSB (Fresh Store Builder), and you can rank higher with the same efforts as done on your niche sites.

Fresh Store Builder - Amazon Store

Top Features of Fresh Store Builder Software

Before buying this excellent Amazon affiliate store tool, you must know some of the handy features of FSB that might come handy for the creation of Stores.

  • Secure Personal Dashboard: You can take over the control over your store through its smart dashboard that lets you check earnings, see reports, change the design, and control your entire store.

Fresh store builder dashboard

  • Designed for Affiliate Marketers: This excellent tool had been designed for the affiliate marketers around the world, who work on Amazon affiliate websites.
  • Search Engine Optimized: The search engines love these stores created through FSB software. The stores created through FSB are optimized for performing well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Total Automation: The products in your Amazon affiliate store will be updated automatically, and the store will run automatically.
  • Complete Design Control: You do not require any coding knowledge to change its design. Its visual editor works fantastic for people who have no coding language.
  • Six Skins Included: The package includes two fabulously designed templates with six different skins. Though, you can buy more templates from its Template store.
  • Change Any Content: The information about any product can be changed easily. You can add different pages, add articles, change the information of products, and do anything you wish to do.
  • Powerful Search Algorithm: Your visitor will find the same thing he/she is looking for.
  • Unencrypted Code (95%): The mighty coders can easily change the code to their basic needs and take full control over the store.
  • Full Amazon Support: This store supports all the Amazon websites.
  • Speed Optimized: Your Amazon affiliate store is fully optimized for its speed, and its pages are cached to load faster.
  • 90 Day Cookie: You can quickly get a commission for up to 90 days from the day customer visit your FSB store.
  • No Hassle: Amazon totally handles all the orders, refunds, shipping, and other things.
  • Commission: You get 15% flat commission on all the products sold through your store. The payments are processed within a month.
  • Products Filters: Customers can easily apply the product filters for minimizing the results of his/her search.

Though stores created through FSB have a lot more features, we have described some of the basic features of FSB tool that will help you in making up your mind to try it at least for once.

How do you create an Amazon Affiliate Store with FSB?

Here, we have discussed a few handy options and steps that will play a major role in creating awesome Amazon affiliate stores through FSB.

Creating your Store with the Quick Setup feature

If you wish to create a fantastic Store through the Quick Setup option in the dashboard, then follow a few simple steps. ‘Quick Setup’ option can be found on the top right of the dashboard.

  • Once you click on ‘Quick Setup’ option, you will be redirected to template page where you need to select the template and activate it.

Fresh store builder quick set up

  • Click on the ‘Next’ option.
  • You will be directed to ‘Store Settings’ where you can rename the store and choose the number of products to be displayed on the screen. You can either move to the next option or ‘Save and exit’ to check your Amazon affiliate store.

Fresh store builder quick set up1

  • Again click on ‘Next’ and you will be directed to ‘Amazon Keys’. Either ‘Save & Test Keys’ after validating them or move to the ‘Next’ option one more time. ‘Categories’ option will open up.

Fresh store builder quick set up 2

  • Now you can change the categories, add new categories, add Meta description to these categories, change the order or categories, and do other things too.
  • ‘Save’ after you add a category and move towards the completion of setup by pressing the ‘Next’ button again.
  • The Amazon affiliate store is now created.

Fresh store builder quick set up 3

  • You can now check the store and see to it that what changes can be made to make the store more attractive.

Fresh store builder demo

You even have the option to take your store offline. The below-described options might come out to be handy for you while creating the Store or modifying it.

Options I recommend after creating your store

Get Started

This option on the top left of your FSB dashboard tells you about the health of your store and allows you to test the Amazon keys. You can easily rename your store from here and can enter to ‘Quick Setup’ for designing your store.

Fresh store builder options 1


Categories option allows you to add a new category or category group to your Store. You can even view the category groups or the category if you want.

Fresh store builder options 2


This option is handy for you in finding different products on your Amazon affiliate store. You can easily add the products or product bundle at one click and view them all at once. Product details can be edited, and the products can be added to the queue for future display. You can even see the manufacturers of different products without any hassle.

Fresh store builder options 3


This option lets you easily play with the store widgets. You can shuffle the widgets in a way you want. Pages can be viewed, added, and modified without any trouble. The side boxes can be viewed and sorted. You can even reset the entire template. If you want to check out the customer reviews on your products, then you have an option to do so. The products can be posted directly onto your Facebook page.

Fresh store builder options 4


This option lets you change the template of your store and provides you access to different template options that are useful at times. You can reset the template, check the Template License, go to the visual editor and check for upgrades if any.

Fresh store builder options 5


All your content can be regenerated at once, all thanks to these excellent options provided by FSB tool. You can even add your template using this option.

Fresh store builder options 6


You can easily get the complete reports about the checkouts, people who subscribed you, and other crucial data can be accessed through this section.

Fresh store builder options 7


Plenty of options can be accessed from the Tools section of FSB software. You can redirect your store in different countries, change the parameters, delete the cache, check for autorun, fix the page names, export the data in XML format, export the products and carry out different multipurpose operations using this option.

Fresh store builder options 8


If still, these options are not enough then ‘Explore’ option is a rich option to guide you through the process of creating a store using FSB tool. You can move to your account or can even access its knowledge base to make the things clearer and simpler. You can join its Reseller program and can sell this tool to your mates and earn a commission for it too. Helpdesk can be accessed through this option to get your queries solved in quick time.

Fresh store builder options 9

Fresh Store Builder Pricing

Fresh Store Builder is an excellent tool for affiliate marketers and especially for those who like to promote Amazon. The tool lets you create stores quickly, easily, and professionally. It usually costs $497 for full access, but right now they have discounted that down to $97.

Fresh store builder pricing

What’s there for WordPress Users?

Wordpress users can enjoy the services of this tool. They can install the Fresh Store Builder Wordpress them on their site with FSB plugin to access most of the functions provided by original FSB software. You can easily set up the Amazon Affiliate Store within 30-60 minutes.


Overall, Free Website Builder is an excellent tool that can be used to create elegant Amazon affiliate stores for the affiliate marketers, who are looking to earn good revenues through affiliate commission of Amazon. FSB is an excellent tool that proves to be worthy of the affiliate marketers, whether novice or expert. Connect with Fresh Store Builder on Facebook and get all the latest updates about this tool.

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