“I usually type my PIN to login as Windows 10 password for a long time, it’s really quickly. Now I forgot the original login password and Have no idea to reset it!”

In past Windows system such as Windows 7/XP/Vista, you can only use a local password to login Windows system including Windows 7/XP/Vista. However, in Windows 10/8.1/8, Microsoft has changed the password type and added Microsoft account password, PIN and picture password. PIN and picture password are applied to help users login quickly and easily, they are auxiliary password that rely on the local and Microsoft account password. It means that you must create a local or Microsoft password before set a PIN and picture password.

Windows 10 password reset
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Once you forgot the PIN or picture password, you should login Windows 10 with the original local password or Microsoft password, then you can reset them.

What if you accidentally lost or forgot Windows 10 password?

Here we found a Windows Password Key could help you reset the Windows 10 password, no matter a local password or Microsoft account password, even PIN or picture password. With this useful tool, you will never worry about lost Windows login password.

How to Reset Forgotten Windows 10/8/8.1 Password?

Before start password recovery, you need to download and install it on your accessible computer first. Then an empty USB flash driver should handy. Besides, Windows Password Key Enterprise/Ultimate edition fully support to reset Windows 10/8.1/8 local account password and Microsoft account password. Now you can do as following steps to remove login password on Windows.

Reset your Windows 7/8/10 Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Pro

We know create a password for your Windows can safely protect your personal data, but forgetting your password will be a headache because you will be locked out of your computer. If you have a pre-created password reset disc, then you can easily change or rest your forgotten password without system re-installation, if you don’t have one.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro should be your best choice to reset or remove admin or login password if you’re locked out of computer. What you need is a USB or DVD and an accessible computer. Just three steps you can reset your windows password.

Step 1. Install and run the program on an accessible computer.

Run windows password recovery pro
Run windows password recovery pro

Step 2. Insert your USB or DVD to computer and start to burn a bootable USB password reset disk. Burning is very fast.

Start to burn
Start to burn

Step 3. Set the computer to boot from USB and then reboot computer, then the program will load and show all accounts you set in windows. Just select one account and click reset password.

Reset password now
Reset password now

If you forgot Windows local administrator password, this iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro tool can help you recover it in a fast and effective manner , supporting for all major Windows systems.

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If you have set a PIN or picture password, it will be automatically removed next time when you reboot the Windows 10 system. In addition, With “Create a new admin account” and ”Remove Windows Password” functions, you can easily manage your user account with this Windows 10 password key tool. If you still want to set PIN or picture password on Windows 10, it can be made with built-in “Settings”.