Mac like all computers can run slower over time, and it happens to every Mac user or latter. One day, you find your Mac works slower and slower. It takes longer time to launch or switch programs, and becomes arduous to run a simple task. With it, you can’t work in the best state, and also can’t enjoy the pleasure of playing games with team. However, most of Mac users don’t know why their Mac running slowly and how to fix it. In this article, we will introduce you an iMobie freeware – MacClean – to fix your slow Mac and make it run faster like new.

MacClean Main Interface
MacClean Main Interface

Main Features of MacClean

MacClean is developed to help Mac users clean up and speed up their computer by cleaning all kinds of junks and unwanted files. No matter what kind of junks is left on your Mac, MacClean helps you remove it easily. But what make MacClean does great in fixing a slow Mac?

  1. Supports cleaning up four categories of junks, including Internet Junks, Users Junks and App junks. No matter what kind of junks slow down your Mac, MacClean helps you make them easily.
  2. Offers you options to either move junks and unwanted files to Trash or move them permanently, this means you can deal with these junks in flexible way and you also can get them back easily if you find you delete something by mistake.
  3. Helps you find out all the leftovers and caches that are difficult to trace, and remove them from your computer.
  4. Works well on all the modes of Mac computer like iMac, MacBook Pro/Air, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. No matter what mode of slow Mac you are working with, MacClean fix it and make it run faster.
  5. Fitted with a self-explanatory interface, and it is suit for both of basic and advanced users.

Why Is Your iMac/MacBook Running Slowly

When it comes to why your Mac is running slowly, in the final analysis, there are only two reasons for this situation. One is insufficient Random Access Memory (RAM), and another is that there is not enough available space on storage drive. In other words, your Mac doesn’t offer you enough storage to run Apps, or doesn’t spare enough space for storing your files and data. Therefore, to make your Mac run faster, you need to free up memory and storage space on Mac. Next, we will show you how to solve the two problems with iMobie MacClean in a few clicks.

Fix Your Slow Mac as Easy as ABC:

Download and install MacClean on your Mac > Run it > Click Scan button to scan your Mac thoroughly > Choose the way dealing with junks: Move to Trash or Completely > Click Clean button to remove them from your Mac.

How to Fix a Slow Mac with MacClean
How to Fix a Slow Mac with MacClean

As you can see, it is easy enough to remove all kinds of junks files from a slow Mac to make it run faster. More than anything, it is totally free without paying a penny for it. Why not download it to fix your slow Mac now?