How to Find Facebook Admin ID/User ID? – Advanced Practices

How to find Facebook Admin ID or Facebook User ID is most asked the question. You can use findmyfbid but our objective is to find FB admin id without any third-party tool. It is required when you create a Facebook app or install any of the Facebook social plugins on your website or blog. It does not matter you are using Blogspot, WordPress, or something else. In these cases two things are commonly needed – one is FB Admin ID and other is Facebook App ID.

Facebook Admin ID is necessary to take control of Facebook social plugins like FB comments, because without adding “fb:admin” meta tag you won’t able to moderate Facebook comments. Similarly, many other Facebook apps depend upon FB Admin ID.

How to find Facebook admin id or user id

Find Facebook Admin ID with Official Tools

Graph API Explorer is a tool which can help you to find FB Admin ID/Facebook User ID.

1. Using Facebook Graph API Explorer tool

You should have to log in into your Facebook account to use Graph API Explorer. Now open the following link-


It will take you to a page where Facebook Admin ID will be available.

Get Facebook Admin ID Using Explorer Tool

2. Using Facebook Graph tool

Just change the “username” with your Facebook username. To get your Facebook username you have to login in the Facebook account and go to Timeline. Now in your browser address bar, you can see this kind of link –

In this link highlighted value is the Facebook username.

Given screenshot shows where is your Facebook User ID.

Get Facebook Admin ID Using Facebook Graph

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