5 Tips to Find the Best VPN

Online security is getting a big problem these days due to many loopholes and hackers activeness. Recently, ransomware was a big attack on millions of systems which caused millions of systems to go down.

Due to such issues and security problems, VPNs are highly recommended. VPN is the short form for the virtual private network which creates a dummy connection between your system and the destination you are trying to reach.

Virtual Private Network - VPN

So, people won’t be able to know where the connection is actually coming and so you will be safe. But again, there are thousands of companies who sell VPN online but are all legit?

The Best Virtual Private Network for You

No, and so you should be very conscious while selecting the VPN for your use. Here we will discuss 5 points to find the best VPN.

These can be for your personal purpose or professional purpose but the criteria should be more or less the same.

Let’s start and see the 5 measures you should follow!

1. Check Security

This is the first thing one should check as ultimately you are using it for security purpose only. Check whether your so-called best virtual private network aka VPN is secure enough to handle any attack you might receive and protect you? Following parameters, you can check to evaluate-

  • Consistent, reliable connections
  • At least 128-bit encryption should be there (256 is more preferable)
  • Not leak identifying data
  • Should not display your real identity and much more

2. Pricing

The cost associated with any software must be checked. It should not be like, you are paying hundreds of dollars for the similar software which is available in just 10 or 20.

So, make a proper comparison before making your find and check the monthly as well as yearly pricing and see if it will help in the long run.

There are VPNs who provide initial discounts as well and so if you are looking for the long term then you can get there with additional discounts.

3. Should Not Store Logs

Although most of the VPN companies now work on zero log basis still there are companies who store the logs for a few days.

No matter for what purpose they store logs, you should prefer the no log VPN companies as you are not leaving any footprint for the same.

You must check this feature before making the payment. The company should not store the long in any form ensuring the complete security and thus making your completely secure online/

4. Number of Servers and IPs

The number of servers will be with the VPN companies, the number of options you will get. Many companies have the IP location in various places which give the flexibility to select any of those IPs.

Usually, when you will try to access any blocked website then this gesture helps a lot as you will have to select the IP where the site is accessible. And so, compare the IPs provided by each company before making your mind.

5. Check the Review

User feedback is the best way to know if any service is good or not. The same applies here as well. You can check the review by the existing users of these companies to understand how it is performing for them and accordingly you can buy.


VPN is one of the most important software one need if connected to the internet very frequently. Due to the increased number of data loss and privacy breach, the best virtual private network aka VPN is utmost required.

You can buy a VPN looking at the 5 points we discussed above.

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