4 Fantastic Keyword Research Tools for SEO


Using tools is essentials for your success as an SEO. Tools not just save countless hours of manual research, but can also give you access to unforeseen data. There are different tools available for various areas of SEO. For instance, the tools used for link building are different than keyword research tools.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the best keyword research tools.

Keyword reasearch

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is one of the fundamental steps for your journey in creating a successful website. Get this step wrong, and you have mostly wasted all your efforts.

Keyword research is basically the idea of finding the topics for your content. The topics need to have a high amount of traffic on Google, but at the same time, must have low competition.

For instance: “gaming PC,” “best treadmills,” “best double wall oven,” are examples of keywords.

Levels of Keyword Research

Generally, there are three levels of keyword research. Here is a brief look at them:

Niche Research

This is the step in which you decide on the topic of the website. For instance, running shoes, skincare products, or digital cameras.

This basically decides the theme of the website. This step is relatively simpler and does not require any tool. You just need to consider your interest.

Primary Keyword Research

This is the keyword research step that lets you choose the primary keywords for the site. A site can have many primary keywords. Most of your pillar content is based on these keywords.

If you are making an affiliate website, then your primary keywords must have a commercial intent.

A primary keyword must strictly follow the guidelines for a “good keyword.”

Long Tail Keyword Research

These are basically keywords that are very easy to rank for. They do not have a high search volume, but having hundreds of these can significantly make a huge difference.

What is a Good Keyword?

A good keyword is the one that is not dominated by high Domain Authority (DA) sites. These are the keywords that have at least a 2,000 search volume and a high commercial intent.

Top 4 Keyword Research Tools

Now that you have the basic idea about keyword research. Let’s take a look at some of the tools that can take the manual work out of the equation. The first three are paid software; however, they can really expedite your keyword research process.

Most of these tools are very famous and actively used by most bloggers and affiliate marketers.


SEMRush Keyword Research Tool

Why go through the pain of doing the keyword research yourself when you can get a list of keyword from your competitors. You will find keywords that you would have never imagined that they even existed.

Other than keyword research, the SEMRush plenty of other tools that you can explore. This is a paid software; however, for the functionality that it offers, the price is entirely justified.

2. Long Tail Pro (LTP)

LongTailPro Keyword Research Tool

This is also one of the most sought-after tools for keyword research. This is also paid software. Unlike the SEMRUSH, this tool does not let you spy on your competitors. However, there is one feature that sets this software apart from the rest, the Keyword Competitiveness (KC) factor.

This is a proprietary feature in LTP that lets users measure the toughness of the keyword. The lower the KC, the easier it would be to rank. Many SEOs use this software just for that one functionality.

Other than that, this software can help you generate thousands of keywords.

3. KWFinder

KWFinder Keyword Research Tool

This is similar to LTP; however, I personally prefer KWFinder over LTP. It has a much cleaner interface. Like LTP, it also has a proprietary feature that lets you see the keyword difficulty. It is also very quick and very easy to navigate through.

One great feature of KWFinder keyword research tool is the suggestion it provides. I find the ideas generated by this keyword to be much better than LTP.

4. Keywordtool.io

keyword tool

This is a tool that works best in conjunction with either LTP or KWFinder.com. This is basically a keyword suggestion tool. To understand this software, you need to know what Google Suggest is. This is a function which you must have seen or used several times without knowing that it is also an awesome keyword tool.

When you type something in Google Search Bar, and it shows you a list of suggestions underneath, that is Google Suggest. Sometimes the keywords suggested in the drop-down list hold a lot of potentials.

Keywordtool.io basically help you grab that list from a seed keyword that you enter in the search bar. Once generated, you can import the list either into KWFinder.com or LTP to check their search volume and competitiveness.

I hope this has given you some insight into keyword research in general and some of the tools that you can use. Keyword research is an important step; therefore, using the right tools is essential.


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