Traditionally offices are places where colleagues came to work at a desk, sit at their chair and work in front of a computer. But the world of business has evolved quickly, particularly the larger technology companies who have introduced new additions to the office environment. Where our predecessors would have taken a break in the canteen and socialised on a coffee break, offices today incorporate so much more.

The global office environments has changed dramatically. This infographic on Exceptional Offices outlines some of the most progressive and innovative office additions worldwide. Ranging from a technology company incorporating a garden allotment, to an alternative clothing manufacturer with a skate park and an office housed in a nuclear bomb shelter, today’s companies put the creative into the creative office experience.

But it is not just the physical space of the office dynamic that is changing. Staff communications and participation is evolving with more and more staff telecommuting via the internet. The dramatic landscapes of some office are incredible with an entire underground city of offices in its depth to the tallest office building in the world reaching skyward. Exceptional Office are here to stay.

Exceptional Offices

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