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Do you a smart blogger? Blogging can be a difficult task even when you are writing about something you are passionate about. You may find yourself being distracted easily, or unable to monetize your blog or may simply want to showcase your work in it’s the best form but don’t know how to do so.

When it comes to being a great blogger, every writer must figure out how to create consistently great work. Luckily, there are a number of blogging apps out there to make your life much easier. Whether you want to write daily, weekly or monthly, here are 4 apps that will help to make you a better blogger.

Smart Blogger Uses Essential Apps

Smart blogger essential apps
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If you find yourself regularly making spelling mistakes and errors that involve the incorrect use of grammar, then this app will be your savior. It is free to install and will instantly scan your entire blog post, fixing 250 types of errors which Microsoft Word will usually miss. When you write a blog post with great content, you can’t risk having your reputation tarnished with common errors. If you want readers to see you as an expert in your field, typos are your worst enemy.

This app also suggests great synonyms for words you have used and will help you improve the quality of your overall writing. If that wasn’t impressive enough, this app has been developed by the world’s leading linguists and once you install it onto your computer, it will correct your work anywhere, even your emails, social media posts and practically anywhere else that you post on the web. This can make you a smart blogger.

Google Adsense

If you see your blog’s popularity rise and want to make money using the increased traffic, then Google Adsense is the app you need. It will place adverts on your blog that are relevant to your content and these ads can be in a variety of formats such as text ads, rich media ads, matched content and link units (a list of topics relevant to your blog’s content is displayed and when someone clicks on any of these terms they are brought to a page of related Google ads. If the user then clicks on any of these ads, you will be paid!)

Did you know that millions of advertisers are constantly looking for places to advertise? Your blog is in demand and you have control over what appears on your blog. You can block ads which you don’t want appearing on your page and can also decide where the ads are placed, which categories of ads are allowed and how the ads look. Every time someone sees or clicks on an ad, you will earn! You will be paid by Google once you have accrued a minimum amount.


When you are creating content on a regular basis, you don’t want your readers to miss out on any of your blog posts. This app allows you to create flawless email newsletters by providing over 700 free templates and will even keep track of who reads your newsletter and who doesn’t so that the next time you can target the right people. You can also add images to the newsletter by choosing from over 6000 images and you don’t need any coding experience to create the perfect content for your newsletter.

The app also lets you automatically send your Facebook and Twitter followers a link to your latest emails. You can then track who clicked on your links and much more. Along with all of this, you can also use the app to design beautiful sign-up forms for your blog. Grow your readers fast with AWeber.

Open Live Writer

This is one of the best desktop editors to have if you are using a Windows operating system. It allows you to publish content to your blog directly from your desktop. You simply open the app on your desktop and add content including photos and videos. Then publish directly to your website. The app also allows you to create content offline and then publish once you go online. This editor is compatible with most of the popular blog service providers including WordPress, Blogger and more. Simple, straightforward and very effective.

When a smart blogger wants to showcase their content in the digital space, there is no dearth of apps that can be used to help along the way. Whether it helps with monetizing your blog, creating enticing newsletters or even proofreading your work, Best Blogging Apps has many, many more such apps that will help you become a better content creator.


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