Having a brand new car with a state-of-the-art technology is something really special, and you will never forget the first time you have driven it full-speed – remembering the miles of road and other cars you have left behind will instantly make you smile. Owning a car that is the absolute best in the current market means a lot to car enthusiasts but, on the other hand, you are just one many thousands with the same exact vehicle: your car is in no way special. If you value exclusivity and individuality, a brand new car is, despite many benefits, not a choice for you. That is why some people are looking into vintage cars that can be upgraded with new pieces of equipment. This way, you get a reliable vehicle, modern technology and uniqueness – all packed in one. Here is the equipment for your combination of old and new.

car lcd display

LCD Display System

For families or a group of several friends, LCD TVs built inside a car headrest is the perfect solution – backseat passengers will be entertained with music, TV shows or video games. Furthermore, a small TV can be installed in front of the passenger’s seat, too, so they are not neglected neither. The installation itself may seem complicated at first, but it is actually far from rocket science and can easily be done with your own hands. These devices can be helpful to the driver, too, since they serve as a GPS navigation system or channel weather report.

Pumped-Up Engine

It’s not like we are trying to live out our favorite The Fast and the Furious moments, but sometimes you really want to give your vehicle a full gas and show what it’s made of. For those who desire to experience speed in their vintage car, a combination of nitro engine and a freshly calibrated transmission system will ensure not only the complete enjoyment of full throttle, but also more power than before. But, be careful! Safety comes first, and being aware of the road and other drivers is vital, not to mention the fact that your tuning has to be perfectly legal in the first place.

car satellite radio

Satellite Radio

This is something not even all brand new cars include – having the option of listening to literally every song you think of at any given moment means the world during long journeys or boring commutes through the crowded city. Satellite radio is quick to install, easy to operate and does not take much space, so it comes in handy in all imaginable situations.

Sound System

However, if you cannot, due to any reason, install a satellite radio, you can introduce a top class sound system that will turn your stressful driving hours into a sea of calmness. With modern car audio accessories, you are able to experience the full quality of all music genres and are in a position to have the same feeling as if in a concert at the Roseland Ballroom, at the recording session at the Abbey Road Studios or in the first row Carnegie Hall. A good audio system will transform your vintage car into a vehicle worth having and become the greatest value it possesses.

car built in phone

From a Built-In Phone to an Anti-Theft System

Owning a retro car and equipping it with new electronic devices gives a completely new impression of you – you are clearly a classy person with a taste for new things and you certainly follow the development of technology. There are many other devices you can install, such as a built-in phone, a Bluetooth connection, an anti-theft system, and many others that will accentuate the combination of vintage and contemporary.