The Key Ingredients Needed to Successfully Entice Customers onto a Hotel Website


The attention span of a person is normally tested when they head onto a website because if it is not interesting then they will immediately click away. Hotel websites have the crucial challenge of encouraging travelers to stay on the site to purchase a room. There are certain things that tourists look for when they use a hotel website that companies should be aware of when creating a site. Firstly potential customers want to be able to see the hotel through beautiful pictures that show the rooms, suites and reception or lobby. They also want to see any special facilities the accommodation has to offer including a wellness center or gym.

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What is Essential to Potential Customers?

Videos are a very popular feature that allows travelers to get a glimpse into the residence, which might sway their decision to stay. What is essential to potential customers is that they can get the lowest price by directing booking through the website. If a hotel website is able to offer special last minute discounts or seasonal promotions then travelers will have another reason to pick the accommodation. Tourists should also be able to see the rates of a range of rooms available to them so they can work out which type is best for their trip. For instance, it may be better for guests in a family or with friends to stay in a triple or quadruple room.

List of Facilities Available to Them

Travelers need to know what they are getting for their money so it’s vital to be able to scan through the list of facilities available to them. Another top tip is for hotel websites to have information about the area and an interactive map that allows tourists to know where they are going. Visitors to an unknown destination want to know how to get to the residence but also what is around the accommodation. Details on eateries, shops and facilities are vital in allowing travelers to get a picture in their heads of what their holiday could include. This will hopefully conjure up a positive image for potential customers to actually reserve a room.

A First-class Booking System

A superb hotel website design also includes a first-class booking system that is quick to use and easily navigated. A poor booking engine makes a mockery of the website and all the hard work that has been put into it through the various stages. A long process where tourists have to fill in a lengthy form or click from one web page to another is very discouraging. The pitfall of this is that easily distracted holiday-makers could click off the website and head to a rival company. A fantastic booking engine is considered a wonderful way to attract travelers, who will definitely want to choose a hotel if their online booking experience is hassle-free.

Well Experienced Consultants

The hard-working consultants at World Hotel Marketing can truly help a company to raise their bookings. This can be done through a wonderful online design that elevates the way a website looks and attracts travelers. The bespoke sites created by consultants at World Hotel Marketing are very beautiful and include all the necessary things needed to make the decision to book. It looks wonderful on any screen including a tablet, desktop computer, and mobile phone, so that tourists can easily switch between these mediums when booking.


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