7 Smart Gadgets to Enhance Your TV Viewing Experience

Technology has definitely made a huge impact on the modern TV viewing experience and has altered the ways we seek home entertainment and leisure in so many ways. These latest innovations have allowed us to watch anything we want, anytime we want. Furthermore, they offer features that greatly enhance the convenience and viewing pleasure, which is all we really need in order to enjoy our favorite programs.

Better TV Viewing Experience

Whether you wish to enhance sound, resolution, and various other aspects that affect the way you watch television, the developments in TV technology such as state of the art accessories and smart gadgets can do it for you. More and more, we are being convinced why it’s simply better to stay at home than head to the theaters. If you require more convincing, just take a look at our list of incredibly epic smart gadgets that would ensure the grandest and most complete TV viewing experience for the entire family.

1. DreamScreen

The device provides you with color and lighting similar to that of the theater. All of the movies you watch and games you play become so much bigger and a lot more detailed because of how the light reacts to the color pixels on the screen. Its name fits it perfectly by the way it makes your entire viewing experience reminiscent of a dream.

2. Touchjet Wave

touchjet wave 9

If you plan on turning your TV to an oversized touchscreen then this would be the ideal smart gadget for you. Basically, you’d be able to download applications, share content, stream movies and television shows, play games, create interactive presentations, and so much more. It works with pretty much any kind of TV and connects to the Wi-Fi as well.

3. Slice

Connects to your television through the HDMI port and allows you to store and playback all your music, pictures, and videos in full HD. It runs very quietly and features a unique modifiable light ring for incredible visual feedback. It comes with a remote control that allows you to operate it from anywhere in the room without necessarily pointing to the device.

4. Bell’O

The ultimate sound experience when watching all of your favorite shows and movies comes with 4 speakers, an awesome Bluetooth interface, subwoofer output, and two 3.5mm audio inputs. Your entertainment room would literally be shaking from the sounds coming from this state of the art device that perfectly fits your home theater system.

5. Cloud antenna

For a grand TV viewing experience that allows you to access over 600 plus live channels and saves you at least a thousand grand every year then this piece of modern equipment is definitely for you. It’s a combination of both cloud computing and the modern TV antenna that greatly enhances your television’s access to international channels and many other foreign programs. On top of that, it even allows you to download applications and use the internet as well. Think of everything you could ever ask for in television and this awesome tool can make it possible!

6. AfterMaster TV

AfterMaster TV

One of the issues people typically have when watching their favorite shows and movies is their inability to hear the dialogue clearly. This gadget enhances your television’s audio by making it smoother, louder, and much clearer. It basically makes your viewing experience a lot more fulfilling because then you’d be able to understand everything that’s actually happening. When watching movies, hearing what the characters are saying is just as crucial as watching the scenes unfold.

7. Pocket TV

By simply connecting this tiny device to the HDMI port of your television, you’d be able to turn it into a Smart TV! Among its other features is easy to access to the Google Play Store that allows you to download applications, play video games, connect through your various social media accounts and even engage in Skype conversations including video calls. You can also make use of the internet and stream movies and TV shows if you wish. This pocket-sized smart television is a must-have for regular travelers who still want to have a great viewing experience even from their hotels.

Our demands when it comes to entertainment have definitely gone to a whole new level. Which is something you would expect, right? With the kind of products that technology has made available to us, there is no reason to settle for anything less. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on our specific viewing needs. Whether you want to enhance the sound, the resolution, or the accessibility to channels or programs, a ton of quality smart gadgets in the market will allow you to accomplish that.

Complete and affordable state-of-the-art accessories are also made available to you in the form of Android and Intel TV boxes that will boost every aspect of your TV watching experience. Think about literally all the smart television features packed in portable and compact boxes. Viewers would basically be able to customize their very own TV experience according to their specific needs.

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