How to Enable Quick Edit Pencil in Posts? – Blogspot/Blogger Guide

If you write a blog and have hundreds of posts, then it is not an easy task to make changes in a specific post because first, you have to search this post under Posts tab and then may need to scroll down, navigate, or both to get this post. To get rid of this hectic exercise, you have to Enable Quick Edit Pencil on posts pages. This Quick Edit Pencil will be visible only to blog owners or administrators.

Enable quick edit pencil in Blogspot

It is very simple to enable Quick Edit Pencil. Hereunder all the steps are given below –

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard

2. Select “Layout” for your blog from the drop-down menu

3. Now Edit “Blog Posts” Gadget by clicking on Edit

4. A popup will appear on the screen

5. You’ll see the “Show Quick Editing” option

show quick editing pencil

6. Tick the checkbox to enable this feature if unchecked

7. Click the “Save” button and save changes

8. All changes are done, enjoy!

9. Next, go to your blog and open a post

10. You’ll see the “Pencil” icon

11. By clicking on the pencil icon, you can edit this post quickly.

Video Tutorial

Have fun!

Still, have any trouble or question kindly write a comment below!


  1. Thank You very much!

    And i thought i would mention that the editing pencil did not appear until i closed blogger and then opened it once again.

    i had tried reloading the page but such did not reveal the editing pencil.

    Peace……. francis

  2. I have checked your mentioned option yet not showing the quick edit pencil in my site? Need any template codes customisation? please help me.

  3. I haven’t got a “Show Quick Editing” option. It’d be nice if there’s some HTML I could add to my CSS template.


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