Much has been said about the importance of having an email signature for business marketing and promotion. Indeed, it is a powerful marketing tool that makes wonders if used properly. Unfortunately, lots of people still do not know how to use it and make fatal mistakes that hinder them from availing all the benefits.

Here are some of the most crucial rules you should stick to, in order to take the most of your email signature.

Email Signature

The use of email signature is an important part of branding. Every time you or your employees send an email with a signature that contains information about your company, you spread a word about your business and this word should be professionally-looking and informative. To achieve that, make sure :

Hosts the logo on a web server

In some email clients, images that are not hosted on the web server, are displayed as attachments. In some cases such images may not appear at all. So, if you want people to see your company’s logo, be sure to host it.

Does not contain too many social network links

Incorporating links to your social networking sites is really important, as this is a good way of enhancing your customer’s confidence in the products or services you offer. However, including all of your social media sites is not a wise idea, as customers can easily get lost in such a huge variety of links. Include only those that you consider the most efficient.

Is tested in multiple email clients

Your customers use various email clients, so to make sure that your email will reach every recipient, it is necessary to check that the HTML is compatible with multiple email clients. Otherwise, a certain percentage of your customers won’t be able to see your email signature and therefore crucial information it contains.

Email Signature Content

So, what information an ideal email signature should contain? Marketing experts recommend adding the following information:

  • Your name and job title
  • Company’s name
  • Contact information (phone numbers, email address, fax)
  • Company’s logo (small logos and images usually work the best)
  • Links to some of social networking pages

Try not to make your email signature too bright or colorful. Also, do not cram it with useless information. The best email signature is the one that is concise and informative. Please note that bright colours and images distract attention from crucial information and from the essence of the email.

Technical Details of an Email Signature

There are so many email clients out there and each has its peculiarities and technical limitations. Thus, when creating an e-mail signature, it is crucial to consider these limitations. To make sure each of your recipients will see every single letter your email signature contains, stick to the following rules:

  • Maximum allowable number of characters in a line – is 72. To avoid wrapping, limit the length of a line to 72 characters.
  • If the email signature contains a company’s logo, its size should be not bigger than 50×50.Bigger images look less professional and need more time to get downloaded.
  • The best way to separate the email body from the signature is with 2 hyphens and a space.

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