eM Client is popular email application that provides many different features to users like fast search, mobile device synchronization, Gmail synchronization, Facebook chat etc. eM Client fully support import from different applications like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc. It also provide ActiveSync feature that helps to synchronize contacts, emails, calendars to any mobile device.

eM Client for Windows

Another well-known application is also available in the market i.e. Microsoft Outlook. Nowadays, Microsoft Outlook is so much popular among organizations, users, and also in many different field because it provides default Microsoft office package with advanced features like professional features, notes, calendar and many more. The key difference between Microsoft Outlook and eM Client is that Microsoft Outlook supports Microsoft Exchange Services and eM Client supports Google Services.

As Microsoft Outlook is becoming more popular and users want to switch from eM Client to Outlook. In this situation, a third party tool, Birdie Software introduced “eM Client Converter” that allows the user to easily export eM Client mails to Outlook. User can easily convert multiple folder in short time, regardless how many sub folders and files a single folder is containing because eM Client Converter provide “Add Multiple Folder” option. And for every individual Mailbox, individual PST is created.

Steps to Export eM Client Mails to Outlook

  1. Open Birdie eM Client application
  2. Go to File option >> Click on Export
  3. Export Box will appear
  4. Select the desired format
  5. Select the location where you want to save the export eM Client emails.
  6. Click on Browse >> Select Desired Location>> Click Finish

From above steps you will know the export criteria about how user can export eM Client emails.

Steps for converting eM Client Mails to Outlook by eM Client Converter

  1. Open eM Client Converter
  2. Select Single eM Client Mailbox if user want to select single mailbox folder to convert messages into Outlook
  3. Select Multiple eM Client Mailbox if user want to convert multiple mailbox folder.
  4. Then Click Next
  5. All folders Converted Successfully

Program is completely bug free and enable users to convert multiple eM Client Mailboxes emails into PST format. You can simply export the eM Client emails in your system local drive, go to file >> export >> Export to .eml >> then choose the location to save the exported eM Client emails, when you have your eM Client emails then you can try the eM Client Converter and migrate your mails to Outlook. When you use the software it will save all the emails formatting and attachments while the conversion process the processing. Users can convert eM Client to PST and import it into any MS Outlook account. eM Client Converter is the reliable program and easily fits on your pockets. You can also try the software for free from – http://download.cnet.com/Birdie-eM-Client-Converter/3000-2369_4-76424132.html

Advantages of eM Client Converter

  1. Convert Multiple Folder in a minute
  2. The software will convert attached files with emails.
  3. Supports all versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 10.
  4. Supports all versions of MS Outlook including MS Outlook 2016.
  5. Maintains Rich Text Formatting during the whole conversion process.

Article contributor –
This is Nick and I am giving the review about eM Client Converter product. This product is launched by Birdie Software and help users to convert emails from eM Client to Microsoft Outlook PST format so that uses can open their multiple eM Client mailboxes into Outlook.